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Prospecting for comments on 3pt hitch log handlers

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I've been looking at the rguile 3pt log lifting device on Ebay (sold by seller name 1rguile)  along with Timber Tuff and RK Designs. The first one is also sold on Amazon and the least expensive but lacks height in it's design. The Norwood LogHog is NLA and looks better and was higher price point. 
I no longer have a welder to fabricate one and don't need a more sophistcated version. 
Your thoughts? Thanks

Are you going to use chokers or tongs?  

Do you have a quick hitch adapter? @beenthere  has a pretty simple setup on page 1 here

If youve got a big tractor or a front loader or are only dragging small stuff a long pole like that will work well so long as it doesnt bend, however its still static.  Its not going to give you too much more lift than the 3pt range itself.  Maybe an extra 10 inches or so.  The more extra lift it gives you the more capacity it costs in a small machine.  6inches closer to the axle makes a very big difference on my little 2wd.   

doc henderson:
It looks easy enough to build, and customize for your needs such as height as you mention.  I have a blade I have not used since I have had a skid steer/track loader (20 years)  it goes with my 850 John Deere.  it is a traditional 3 pt. that can be angled and even turned 180 backwards.  it seems something like this could be modified and even a winch added to resemble the traditional skidding system.  It seems many of these are around.  I loaned mine to a buddy 10 years ago and have never ask for it back.  

doc henderson:
could maybe add a hydro. cylinder in place of the top link to add some lift/rotation up.

A reversible back blade trimmed down would make a pretty good platform for an old braden/tulsa style PTO winch if it had- or could be modded to have- freewheel. 


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