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We are trying to figure out how many years of experience and knowledge this forum offers in certain areas. This Poll is for Logging or working in the woods harvesting Forest Products of some kind. Could be you have cut firewood, or you may be a mechanized logger. All that experience comes together on the Forestry Forum and makes up the knowledge that we had a group have to offer.

When answering the poll, round to the nearest number, either up or down, what ever is closest. It would be just to much for the poll if we added an option for every year. What we will come up with by rounding will be a very accurate number for our total.

Wallys World:
I got my first chainsaw when I was 14 years old, wow 36 years ago. I have been cutting firewood ever since. Had a good business for some time selling it, now it has been just for family use and trying to sell bundled. In the last 7 years since getting the mill I have been more on logging for the lumber and using the tops for the firewood. It is nice when you can work on your own land and not have to travel to get logs. (100 acres helps too)

Last week was exactly 30 years full time logging.Started in 1978 and things were still pretty rosy in the logging industry.The early 80's were tight but things picked up again until 1997 then it seems it never really recovered completely.
The woods is still my #1 choice of places to work.The people and the space!

I checked 40 years because I started almost that long ago working in the woods with my father hauling logs and whiskey barrel bolts when I wasn't in school. I think I probably accumulated more miles behind the wheel of a truck than a car as a teenager.

Since then it's always been part-time.  Began heating with wood during 70's and more recently have been cutting some pulp. 


1 year, just a green horn, learning my way into the woods. im only 16 but im getting into the woods more and more. just started cutting for firewood because oil is just do dang expensive.


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