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My cancer journey

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 This has turned out to be a very bad yr. First I lost my youngest son to pain meds in Feb. tried to work thru it but it's been very hard.
 2 months ago I fell off the skidder tearing a tri-cep, fell into ice chains broke a rib. Month ago kidney's started hurting, figured well here's #6 went to emergency rm yup #6 but on wrong side 5 on right. As they went thru tests found low blood cell cnt. more test, last week found out I have uncurable myloma, bone marrow cancer. Today they said it can be managed with treatments  8) . I start chemotherapy tomorrow.
 I knew something was wrong when I couldn't start the saw's on the monday Rita took me to the er. 2 day's later couldn't even pick them up. Really made me mad >:( .
 So I could use some prayer's, Thanks.
 It's hard to just sit here and type.
 I made a big mistake of looking it up on the internet, when you read 3-5 maybe 7 yrs it gets into your head and that's not good. Staff say I have a good chance of manage ing it for a lot longer  :) .
 I can't imagine not being to log again.
 Sorry for such a long thd.

Look up the International Myeloma Foundation. They have publications on Myeloma that will give you good information about the disease. Concise review is a over view of the different types of the disease.Understanding Fatigue will help you understand why your so tired all the time. Patient Handbook will explain what you have,tests you you really need and support care and where to find it.
 There's more publication's but these three are what you will need after the doctor's tell you,you have Myeloma.

 I found another publication from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society that has very good info, it helps with understanding all aspects of Myeloma.

My gosh...   

Prayers sent.   Your post makes me ashamed at some of the stuff I get upset and depressed about.   

Also...  not to try to be rah rah or Mr. false hope and with the full disclosure that I don't know anything much about doctoring I know a few people (including my dad currently who just drove my log truck for me 2 days ago) that have gone way, way, way past the supposed expiration date on cancer diagnosis.  Its also much lower stakes but a few years back I when I had back surgery I was told (in quite exact words) that I was screwed and my discs would never heal and that I was probably all done logging but they healed.   And I'm still chopping away. 

Hang in there.   

That is a good run of bad luck...sorry to hear, will pray for you.  Thought I'd mention it, there's some 6 or 10 questions you're supposed to ask your doctor before you do chemotherapy.  I just watched some documentary on how it doesn't work like 94% of the time, and the doctors just put you on it because they make alot of $ on it.  I would do some research.  My mother had cancer and she didn't do chemo and ended up beating it with the prescribed pills.  Chemo could be a big hassle just to make a doctor richer.  Do some research.  My 2 cents.  Will pray, hope you beat it.  I think a positive attitude goes a long way with it, don't let it get you down.

Thoughts and Prayers sent . A good attitude can really help the body heal.

Thoughts and prayers from the eastern side of MA for you Ed. hang in there and as said keep up good thoughts about kicking it's butt.

Jim Rogers


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