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Chainsaws / Re: This is a first.
Last post by Magicman - Today at 07:59:48 PM
Steve, I am curious as to which saws you are referring to as being "cheapened up low end saws". 

I wanted a small light sawmill saw so I bought an MS170 which was the cheapest saw that Stihl was offering.  Saw, chain, files, & 6 pack of oil out the door for less than $200.  This saw has never faltered but it was too small (hp) and it is now serving the farm as it's "small" saw after I bought an MS261 to serve as my small sawmill saw.  I bought the MS261 simply because I could.

Six years ago, I was using an MS310 as my large sawmill saw but it did not have a compression release and my arthritic hands could no longer pull the cord in cold weather.  This of course was the cheapest 59cc saw that Stihl offered.  I replaced it with an MS362 because it was a bit lighter than an MS311 and again, because I could.

The 170 and 310 are now serving the farm as road clearing and firewood saws.  Neither have ever showed any quality issues.
The Outdoor Board / Re: feeding of the deer 2024
Last post by Peter Drouin - Today at 07:45:44 PM
I see deer on the edge of the fields in town. Tracks in the yard. There is corn out, but they just nibble at it now with no snow.
General Board / Re: Help with a dig pattern.
Last post by Peter Drouin - Today at 07:39:57 PM
Nice pix, Your snow is like mine, just patches around. ffsmiley
Sawmills and Milling / Re: Red elm
Last post by doc henderson - Today at 07:33:36 PM
If it is rare in your area, you prob. did ok.  it is considered trash here, but not to us logger/sawyer/woodworkers.
Chainsaws / Re: Chainsaw chain grinder hel...
Last post by slice107 - Today at 07:24:50 PM
Quote from: barbender on Today at 05:16:51 PMIf you go to a CBN wheel and it solves your problems, it confirms to me that you are grinding too hard. My vitrified stone did just as well as the CBN I replaced it with. Honestly I was expecting more of a difference. That's how little I am taking off at a time.
I feel like my big problem is the wheel profile. Imo it's good where it's at right now but also I feel it's not perfect enough. It just doesn't fill the gauge all the way. To get it to fill the gauge all the way seems close to impossible with my skill. If I gotta fight with it that much each time I dress the wheel i will use this grinder as a boat ancher. I don't clean my chains. I ain't going to start. I don't have the space or time for that. And I do notice how much more the wheel burns the tooth with it starts to get black.

 I do get that it will burn if I take tk big of cut. I do think that may be part of my problem but ultimately a bigger cut won't change my tooth shape. And tbh that's my main problem. I know I could just learn to use the pink wheel and not take as big bite and I could learn to shape the wheel perfectly, but tbh. I'd rather take that time learning that stuff and put it towards learning square filing. 

I think I'll buy a cbn wheel and give it a try. I'll also work on not taking such a big cut in the mean time. And I'll also play with mh angles some more. I printed off a chart and I'll follow it and I'll start righting down what works for my chains. 

Thanks everyone for helping out and helping me figure out what's going on, and thanks for the info about to big of cut.
Chainsaws / Re: Extra marks on a chainsaw ...
Last post by John Mc - Today at 06:39:32 PM
Quote from: Old Greenhorn on Today at 05:49:23 PMJohn what gage are you referring to? I see no photo or link for reference?

You and I seem to be walking the exact same line in our opinions both in this thread and those of years past. But I have to point out one minor point you wrote about the non-progressive gage. You said it took the average tooth height, but in fact it takes the average of the two highest teeth it lands on, which is even worse. I use the raker gage on the roller guide or I have the dedicated husky flat plate progressives. It just makes sense to set the raker height for the tooth it is controlling in the cut.
Not sure what happened to the picture. It was there when I previewed he post. I edited the post to add it back in.

I actually prefer the dedicated flat place Husqvarna progressive gauge to the one that is attached to the roller guide. I just find it easier to handle. I use it when in the shop. I use the one on the roller gauge if I need to address the depth gauges in the field.

The picture in my gallery somehow got de-resolutioned to the point you can hardly tell what it is, so here is a new one. It's used just like the picture of the one on the roller gauge in reply #10 of this thread (angled in over the tooth).
Husky Depth Gauge tool.jpg

Chainsaws / Re: This is a first.
Last post by ladylake - Today at 06:18:18 PM
 The fact is that Stihl has cheapen up their lower end saws a lot since 20 years ago and it's catching up with them.  I really have no time for companys using their once good name to sell cheap junk.  Steve
You go Way-virginia! Now!
Sawmills and Milling / Re: Did something dumb today.
Last post by WV Sawmiller - Today at 05:55:50 PM
  Boy you guys are wimps worrying about a little cash and a lost debit card! Try walking off and leaving your brand new American passport at the Customs and Immigration counter in Beijing China!

  I did that back in 2006. As I approached the departure gate for my next flight I realized what I had done and rushed back to see if I'd left it on the plane, which was of course now pulled away from the gate. I had to go to Security and report the loss. They assigned a "Minder" who probably pulls wings off of flies for fun. She was about 4' nothing and very stern, marched me around the airport telling me "You come me" so I followed like a little lapdog. She made some calls and took me further from the crowds into more remote areas of the airport down to a deep dark corner near the departure area. I knew my days were numbered till we finally approached a closet sized office near a deserted corner with a sign saying "Lost and Found". Lo and behold some benevolent soul had turned it in and it and I were reunited.

  Of course by then my flight had left so I asked Miss Manners what to do now as I did not have a visit visa for China. She replied "You buy ticket China Airways. You go 'way." I told her no I just have to stay in the airport and catch the same flight tomorrow as it was a daily flight. She said "You no got visa. You buy tick China Airway, You go 'way." I told her no, I'd wait in the airport with visions of Tom Hanks in the Terminal and she snatched my passport, ordered me "You sit here" and stormed off. I figured she'd gone for more muscle! About half an hour later she returned, alone - thank goodness - and slapped the passport in my had and said "You go 'way. You come back 'morrow." I told her I could not go as I did not have a visa. She replied "I get you visa. You go 'way. You come back 'morrow."

  I looked in my passport and found a new visa from China so I hurried off before I really made her mad. I went to the departure lounge, found an airport courtesy phone for a hotel with airport pick up. I called and spent the night in a decent hotel for about $50, returned the next day and came back to WV otherwise un-scathed.

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Chainsaws / Re: Extra marks on a chainsaw ...
Last post by Hilltop366 - Today at 05:55:46 PM
An extra angle mark 1/2 way down the tooth would not be a bad thing for hand filing.

Some people will file a chain with less angle on the engine side of the bar and more angle on the chain cover side. 

I have a file handle with an angled tab at the file end of the handle, the angled tab should be parallel to the bar when holding the file at the correct angle. I does help some.

I see both Husq and Stihl show their own version on line now, I've had mine for years, it says Dura Max and Swiss made and has 30º and 35º angles on it.

Photo on 2024-03-04 at 6.50 PM.jpg

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