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Norwood LumberLite 24 custom trailer upgrades

Started by tmrayner, December 01, 2021, 10:20:40 AM

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I build this custom trailer for my LumberLite 24 right after I bought the mill.  It is the original 16ft of track on top of 3x6x3/16 steel.
1. Every time a turned a heavy log the bunks wanted to bend
2. Occasionally when turning large logs the head wanted to bounce off the track.
3. Log stops moved when bunks bent 

I am adding 4 5000lb jacks for better stability.
I have added 2x2x3/16 cross members so I will have 5 places to weld on 2x4x3/16 bunks that get me to just over the height the original bolt on bunks were.

Stainless caps- I was considering welding on stainless bar stock on top of the bunks.  Like 1x3/16.  Anyone out there done something similar? Thoughts on bar stock size?

Fixed cant stops.  I see some mills have low cant stops welded right to the bunks.  Those of you who have them do you like them?

Log stops. I plan on welding 2x2 tube to the bunks to take 1.5x1.5 log stops like what the mill came with.  Any of you with this setup have recommendations on steel thickness for these?  Anyone have an issue with welded on stops bending?

Keeping the head from coming off the track.  Anyone else have this problem? How have you dealt with it?  I am considering welding on angle iron on the side and bolting on some sort of bracket that would keep the head from lifting.  Are there rollers with deeper groves that would help?  

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