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New EPA Small Engine Requirements?

Started by GaTrapper, September 19, 2023, 07:56:35 AM

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I have read online and see YouTube videos where folks mention something about new EPA small engine law(s) going into effect in 2025. 

Is this true or are these changes coming in specific states?  I am assuming, if true, then this will change the simplicity of small engines as we know it.

Should I be proactive and make any small engine purchases before 2025?


I could be wrong but I don't see EPA 2025 regulations on the books at this time.  

All I can see regarding 2024 or 2025 are some individual states with legislation including California and Colorado - bans on non-electric units.  Others considering bans or partial bans.  

EPA doesn't list anything but 2011 and 2012 emissions regulations for spark ignition engines. 

Do you have a source for where the regulations are published?   
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Yeah, we kind of need a reference to start with. I can't seen find an NPRM reference on this except for the rules already in effect.
 Also, are you talking about hand held or non hand held engines, there is a difference there too. Careful what you believe from youtube. ;D
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No specific articles really.  Some of the things I read discussed certain states wanting to ban gas mowered mowers and others mentioned a trickle down effect on other small engine tools. 

I was just digging to see what others have heard to see if it's something I need to have a realistic concern about. 


Right now it really comes down to who wins the next election.  I know here in NY there is an agenda to ban small ICE engines over the next several years.
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