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Getting WIFI from hotspot on I-phone?

Started by gspren, October 14, 2023, 07:02:37 PM

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  I gave up my regular wifi at home and purchased extra time on my I-phone, this alows me to use my laptop at either home or elsewhere if needed. My problem is sometimes (often) when I turn on the hot spot on the phone my computer doesn't "see" it for as much as 15 minutes then it will pop on and show a great signal. What can cause the lapse between turning the hotspot on and my computer seeing it?
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I have to turn the phone wifi on first, otherwise, I have to encourage the computer to connect and then click on the phone's name.

Hope that helps.
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Correct, the laptop will latch onto another network and is waiting to log on.  If your hotspot is on, it will be the strongest signal and you laptop should see it first.
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I had tried turning on the hotspot long before the laptop and that didn't help but I now tried what I should have first, powered down the I-phone, waited awhile and then powered back up and it worked properly. I still don't know what was wrong but at least this time it came right up, time will tell. During the spell it wasn't working when I clicked to see what was available it showed a few neighbors wifi signals as poor and secured but just didn't show mine and then as much as 15 minutes later it would appear strong. I don't understand these things but shutting down and repowering often helps.

Added at 8:45 next morning, link up was instant so something about the power down and power up fixed it, just don't know what.
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The hotspot on my Android phone works well, sometimes faster than the MiFi Verizon supplies.
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I have had similar problems with mine (Iphone 12). I never figured it out.
Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

If you stick with doing this read the fine print in your plan very carefully.

the Unlimited data is for the phone use, the hotspot may have data limits, and there may be limits if you are on roaming.

I found all sorts of limits on my low end "unlimited" plan
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When I run into this problem, switch WiFi OFF on the device. 

On the iPhone, Settings / Personal Hotspot, toggle off, then on. 

On the device toggle WiFi On. 

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Quote from: clearcut on October 15, 2023, 09:33:13 PM
When I run into this problem, switch WiFi OFF on the device.

On the iPhone, Settings / Personal Hotspot, toggle off, then on.

On the device toggle WiFi On.
That will fix some gremlins. A full reboot is generally 95% effective in solving that sort of issue. 
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The Operating system on a modern phone is similar to a full PC, just Linux or Unix based. Things still go screwy for no good reason. 
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