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Old Dog and Old Man

Started by caveman, September 23, 2023, 11:11:03 PM

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This morning was the first comfortable morning we've had in months.  My folks have had Covid recently and my mother went to the urgent care this morning to discover that she has pneumonia and some other pretty serious lung issues.  I was supervising Pop.  While I went inside to boil some peanuts a good friend brought me yesterday afternoon, I saw Pop and our old cur dog, Bucky, greeting each other.  I was able to take a quick picture.  It was a good moment for both of them.  

The dog looked like a younger version of himself when he was stalking a squirrel in the yard, and it was good to see Pop smile.

My mother seems to be doing a little better tonight than this morning after some antibiotics and a steroid shot.  She's the glue that holds this circus together, so it's important that she stays healthy.  



Great photo.  I'm hoping your folks bounce back from their setbacks and a speedy recovery for them both.  Prayers for strength for you, Kyle.  
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Prayers for your Mom, Caveman!
Too many irons in the fire


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Great Photo! 
Thinking positive thoughts for your Mom.
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"To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring - it was peace."
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 Tom T is playing old dogs in my mind  :)
Hope your Mom is on the mend.


I was thinking about that song when I took the picture.  It was one of Pop's favorites.  My mother is a little better today than she was yesterday.  

We had a cat wonder up several weeks ago.  I'm trying to teach him to be a dog.  As far as cats go, he's pretty good.  He climbs through the lumber stacks and the pallet racks in the shop.  I'm hopeful that he'll keep the rats away.  His name is Tommy2Nuts.  I'd considered calling him ManDue.  He'll come when you call him, but he's not learned to fetch yet.

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