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Tractor parts dealers- Kubota

Started by Flyboy, January 11, 2006, 05:10:25 PM

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 :( A while back I saw a post about a tractor parts place. Dang if I can find it again. I have a 1981 Kubota DT 7500 4X4 and can't seem to find anyplace that even lists the model.  Theres got to be something out there somewhere. Anybody run across a good older tractor place?
Thanks Much.

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 If your looking for used parts, call Eddie Nash up in coldbrook NH. They have a web site to get # off of. Sirum Eq, has new botas Montague MA. Also Pinttacle View in Walpole NH.
Ed K


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 :) Hey Ed, I heard that Franklin runnin this morning :D I'l try Nash, I broke a rear X in my tractor this morning and am lookin to at least find one before ?I start tearing it apart. I'm hopin it is broke somewhere away from the splines where I can weld it if I can't find another one. Syrums is where I bought the tractor to begin with. They porked me good on some tire chains :( But I'll give them a call to as last resort.
Stumpy, thanks I'll try it ;)

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Also might check out

They're the folks that sent me to this site.  Very good in their own field.  :D
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Watch out at Nash's.  They are known for saying I got that,  then I drive for almost 2 hrs and they can't find it.  (and it is further for you)  They do have a lot of stuff and it is neat to look around.

Riverside Equipment in Berlin, VT has Kubota tractors.



Might try Carver's on tractorbynet board...  Several have bought new ones there and report good prices and service...  I never dealt with em as I have green tractors. 
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This guy has a nice site with lot's of info, however he doesn't have older models listed. Maybe he can help.
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 I try to stay away for that newfangled stuff,and the orange just smells of greenbacks. My newest tractor is a 44 ford 2n, my oldest is a 40 ford 9n. I just love those old ford tractors.
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eddie nash you got the cash we got the trash................ooooooooooooooo. I didnt say that, it was said to me.    Personaly, never been there, but one guy I work for sometimes has purchased lotsa stuff there and has nothin but good things to say.
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 :) Thanks all for the input, got tractor all tore apart, axle ordered and on it's way, log check came today, life is good! ;D

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      I have used this place many times and they have always either got it or know where to find my part.  They have a huge inventory of used tractors of all makes.

1325 Hwy 115 N Smithville Arkansas


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