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Fire Season

Started by tmullen, October 02, 2006, 01:51:22 PM

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 Finaly I can't believe it rained last night !! 8)
I thought it was going to last forever, but last night my wife looked out the window and screamed for me to come look. There was this wet stuff falling from the sky, this would not have been such a big deal but I have been on fire assignments for the last six months and my family was starting to forget what I even looked like. Just when I was starting to think that If I laid one more stick of hose or was asked to take the crew one more chain  of hand line I was going to crack.

We did not get enuff rain to close the season yet but this has certainly closed the damper on it. Maybe we can finaly start  working on the house and if our luck holds we can get it shelled in before the snow flies.

I hope that your loved ones that are wildland firefighters are ending their season as well.

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fire out


I see another one has started east of Chelan WA. You are right, it has been a long season. Glad you are finally getting a break.
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Know what ya mean, just pulled 3 shifts on the Highland fire in Douglas County, 5500 Acres in the Columbia breaks.  Over 30 shifts off district this summer, not bad for a volly!  Not much rain here yet.  I'm worried they will delay general deer opener if something else pops.  Oh well, fighting fire is kinda like hunting, except I don't get to take my boys (yet), that's my hunting partner Phil in Brush 62.  Stay safe, BWW

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