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Made $70 last week

Started by MikeH, June 26, 2007, 09:34:02 PM

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 Well, I got half of that. My 8 year old started a new business with a pile of last years slabs now his brothers and sister want in.



When life gives you lemons, make lemonade....... I'd keep an eye on that kid. You'll probably be working for him one day. pepsi_smiley
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Around here that goes for $3-4 a bundle.Good for him.Now he can tell what a little work will bring him,money.
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And he gave you half? I think he should renegotiate the percentages  ;D  8)  8)


Yesterday afternoon there was a heavy knock on the door.  A guy wanted slabs for firewood.  I sold him a load.  He said he'd be back today for at least one more load and would get slabs until he had enough for his winter supply.  Today he got here about 1:00pm and paid for two more loads and got one.

I have a lot of slab/firewood customers that talk about buying slabs durring the summer but none every do it.  A few times someone has come by to get slabs that needed them to burn up a dead cow or for a Forth of July bonfire.  But firewood people don't usually get out with it's above 50 degrees.

Maybe it'll be a good year for firewood.  ;)
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that boy must be doing some fine marketing.  Look at the skid marks in the road where folks are getting turned around to get back to him.  :D  Looks to me like they are broadsliding to a stop. :D :D


My son would love for ME to sell the wood and him get half!
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  The first Saturday we set it up, he sat by the road all day and it started to rain. My wife looks out the window and he was laying across the wood pile trying to keep it dry. :D  So now we have a tarp across the top and he does not sit out there much anymore. He just keeps a eye on the money jar while I cut him some more wood. :-\


That kid is going places.

Tom you must have been a news reporter at one time to notice that. ;D
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