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choosing a saw pattern

Started by Qweaver, July 06, 2010, 02:33:07 PM

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I sawed out 7 logs for a customer today where he mainly wanted 1x10 siding for a shed.  I sawed the logs like this which left a lot of resawing but gave the best yield I think.  I just sawed thru-n-thru til I got down to a 10"x21" cant.  Then sawed the cant into 1x10s and then resawed to get as many 10" boards as I could.  Any pieces that would not make 10" I made into 1x2.5" battens or stickers. The drawing shows that I should have been able to get 35 10" boards but I think I only got 32 out of a 24" dia log
Is there a better/faster way to do this?  Am I missing something?  Resawing is pretty fast on the LT28 but it does mean handling the boards twice.  He needed 1 batten for every board and I had to saw an entire 18" log into battens anyway so there was no loss by making some of the smaller boards into battens.  How would you do this?

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All logs are different.  Some may have a defect, check, or crook that changes the way it's opened.  I use your method most of the time.  It just looks a little different drawn out.
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paul case

thats how to do it. more boards is the name of the game.
i sawed some oak board n batten siding for a lady's horse barn a while back . she was impressed that i could saw the correct number of bats for each board.its neat how that works. 1 for 1. not much guess work when you can count.pc
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That looks good, Q, nice drawing.  The only thing I would have done differently is, on some of those you could have taken a batten from each side and left the 10" board centered to the pith.  It probably won't matter at all on board and batten, but it does make any cupping more predictable.  I'm probably overly anal about centering a board in the log, but I probably would have taken more battens from that log in order to get some "perfect" 10 inchers out of the one you had to make all battens from.  Of course, that assumes that you knew you would have to do that, which I probably wouldn't have known in time to do it. ;) :D

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We would have done it pretty much the same way.  Maybe tried to talk the customer into taking boards wider than 10" off the sides instead of breaking them down.  Less work and maybe they would stay straighter when drying.  They could always come back and rip to width if they really needed another 10" board. 

If we did rip wider boards down to 10" we would have taken them out of the center like DanG said.  Any battens off the sides would end up looking like rocking chair rockers after they dried.
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