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I made the news today, oh boy...

Started by pnyberg, June 04, 2011, 04:59:58 PM

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I did a post a while back about doing a demo at an architectural firm.  I turns out one of the employees is also a part time writer for the largest newspaper in the state, The Hartford Courant.  He does a series of articles about businesses in the form of '5 Questions'.  We did an interview over the phone, and a photographer was sent out a few days later, and the article appeared in the paper today:,0,5752302.story

I have to say that I'm pretty pleased with the way it came out, and I like the picture too. 

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Congratulations.  Usually when I make the news its not a good thing. 
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 8) Nice going! Just posted the link to the article and your website to the Wood-Mizer facebook page!  I know our 1,500 fans will enjoy  ;D


Somehow I could see this coming.  Congratulations Peter.

Preserve the written article, because the newspaper link probably will not stay up.  I had to take pictures of my newspaper articles.  You probably know how to upload it or something.
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D Hagens

Congratulations Peter :)

I've been watching your methodical climb up the ladder and I think your positive outlook really helped you get to where you are :)

You have some good smarts, keep it up 8) 

Chuck White

Congratulations Peter!

Good work and an overall good guy don't go unnoticed!  8)
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Very well deserved given all the thought, hard work, and preparation that you put into this venture. 
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Great job. Just goes to show that those that will, can perservere.
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That's really cool, Peter!  I like the picture too. :) :)  Be careful how you go public though, you may get busier than you want to be. ;)
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Congratultions Peter!  Great photo. Very good article.  Your writer made it very interesting with the questions.   A good website is one of the best tools you can have as a small business.  You are showing how to make it work.  Do you have a fair amount of cedar in Ct?  I get customers from their all the time.  Sometimes they just need a small amount if you can provide or is all your work custom work?  Would any of your customers want to sell their cedar? Some jobs I would just as soon refer.  I looked at 3000 acres of cedar under the power lines about 10 years ago.  Did the power companies get rid of it? 
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Quote from: DanG on June 04, 2011, 11:04:04 PM
That's really cool, Peter!  I like the picture too. :) :)  Be careful how you go public though, you may get busier than you want to be. ;)
Congrats Peter, very nice.  You deserve all the complements above.   Please remember me if you really do get a 36" diameter, 20 foot long log!    And btw,  last weekend I was in Eau Claire and visited the Paul Bunyan museum!     :D :D :D
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Very good Peter,I've often wondered why saw milling is so satisfying.Today we are all cogs on a giant wheel and do one little task.With the sawmill you can go from raw material to completed product.Hope you don't get too busy and turn milling into work. Frank C.
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Quote from: Cedarman on June 05, 2011, 06:50:52 AM
Do you have a fair amount of cedar in Ct?  I get customers from their all the time. 

In my experience there's not a lot of cedar in CT, which would be one reason that people here reach out to folks like you. 

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Sometimes publicity isn't great like when your new outlaw mill building is on the front page. Frank C.
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Nice article!  very if I could get my step-son to read it...
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Dodgy Loner

What a great article. And the best advertising money can't buy :)

Thanks for sharing!
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Be careful what you wish for. The phone is going to start ringing now.
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Congrats to you!

I'm currently saving up a bit of a log pile, then we'll be in touch! 8)
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Congratulations.  I read the article.  Very good.  I hope you prosper.  Hang on to the article and get some printed up to include in flyers, .pdf for download on your website, etc.  Great publicity.
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