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need 172 ford gas engine in Maine

Started by stihlsaw066, January 13, 2013, 08:03:12 PM

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Hello, I have an old 62

   timberjack 200,the motor is tired and im looking for a good runner in the new england area, Anyone know where I may find one ? I also have original manuals for the skidder too,I can make copys if anyone needs them but its not cheap.

mad murdock

Why not rebuild it? I bought new parts for my 172 ford diesel from Glemco tractor parts in MO, a cyl/piston kit with rings and all the gaskets I needed was around $550.00.  Gasser parts prolly are less $$.
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nice looking older skidder love to see them still working

mad murdock

Turbosawmill M6 (now M8) Warrior Ultra liteweight, Granberg Alaskan III, lots of saws-gas powered and human powered :D

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Ford Tractor 172 Gas Engine - $1500 (Milford, NH)

Date: 2012-12-02, 1:17PM EST
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I am selling this Ford tractor gas engine. This engine is complete, running, good oil pressure and no engine noises.Asking $1500.00. If interested and need more info. please email me. Thanks....
Location: Milford, NH
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I think I would second the rebuild idea, unless I had a bad block.


I worked for a guy up at International Falls, back in 1965 that had one just like it, nice skidder.
I bought a new C4 TF in 1968 with the 172 Ford gas engine.

I had a 1966 Bronco, it had a 170, 6 cylinder, heavy duty motor, 105 hp, mechanical lifters, 2 oil pumps, 8 gt oil pan and a carb that wouldn't flood out going up or down hill.

I always thought this would work good in a skidder.
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You might be able to find one in a old generator, welder, set or air compressor,i have seen them in both. Don
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John Woodworth

As to the tractor motor, will not interchange, different from the industrial, cheaper to rebuild than find a used runner if you can find one, however if you bore for new pistons don't go over .30 or it will overheat, they can be bored to .60 but that is never done.
If the bore is already excessive the block can be over bored and sleeved back to standard but by the looks of the machine I doubt you will have that problem.
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