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Wanting to know more about the ins and outs of waterlogging

Started by rpawl1977, February 23, 2014, 11:21:54 PM

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Hello All!!,
      I am new to this forum as well as the biz.  I am interested in any tips or tricks or hazards to watch out for regarding underwater logging.  I am located in central Florida and am looking to move out toward the Gulf coast of Fl and was hoping to find someone on here who can point me in the right direction.  The one thing I do know is I love the water, love logging, and have small amount of equity I am prepared to spend in order to make long term money.  ANY help or advice would be most appreciated as I am as GREEN as one can be in this line of work.


rpawl1977,welcome to the forum. Seem like there are permits to get FIRST. Can't just go pulling logs out of the water. We have a couple members that have done it. Good luck to ya.
Also to keep you busy,go up to the search,on the top of this page,put in underwater,change the drop down to, this board,meaning sawmill and milling, than Search. That should bring up 2 pages of things for you to read.
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Thanx alot for the tip/advice.  I am certainly going to be following the law to the letter.  Any other ideas are appreciated.

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