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One of those Days...

Started by eichenberg93, December 16, 2014, 07:23:29 PM

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Started the day out with swapping a valve bank on the slasher. Got a call from grandpa at 3:00 pm and said that the boom had broke off his loader. :-\ Couldn't think of how it exactly broke and this is what we found.



It ended up all the bolt busted that held the loader to the turn bearing. :o Not exactly what I was expecting but at least it stayed on the truck. All that was holding the loader on was a very well built ladder.. ;)


The culprit   

Maine logger88

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Lucky it tipped on the " right " side.  smiley_angel02_wings
Make sure you know how to fall properly when you fall and as to not hurt anyone around you.
Also remember, it's not the fall what hurts, its the sudden stop. !!


Wow, that could have been real ugly and painful being that he likely was in the seat at the controls at the time it happened. Glad all are okay.
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Quote from: lopet on December 16, 2014, 07:52:21 PM
Lucky it tipped on the " right " side.  smiley_angel02_wings

Exactly, If It had happened in any other spot it would have been bad for our grandpa. At 87 it would have been a hard fall.


That's two close calls and no injuries on broken loaders I've seen glad he's ok.I also heard of someone forgetting to set the brake before he got on the loader the truck slid down an icy hill when he lowered the downriggers. The driver was ok but a stump shattered the oil pan. Not good for the 34 06


What does it take to put it back on.. can you use a backhoe/chain to lift.  Nobody hurt.. it's a Merry Christmas already! 


Quote from: kensfarm on December 16, 2014, 09:03:17 PM
What does it take to put it back on.. can you use a backhoe/chain to lift.  Nobody hurt.. it's a Merry Christmas already! 

Well it looks like we can chain it over so it is setting on top of the turn bearing. If it come to it there is a sawmill with a forklift we might be able to use.  The biggest problem there is now is that all the bolts are either broke or striped out of the bearing so its going to take some time.  ::) All the goal for tomorrow is to get it back to the house. Its about a hour drive.


 Good to see your grandfather made out ok. Yrs ago the same thing happened to our loader with an employee picking shot rock. We check the bolts about every month now because they will fill up with junk and you wont see the busted \ missing bolt.


Looks like gramp has another story to tell, glad he's ok and hope it's a smooth fix.

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Lucky. So Grampa,at 87, is still climbing up and down on those things??  ;D 
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Quote from: thecfarm on December 17, 2014, 06:19:32 AM
Lucky. So Grampa,at 87, is still climbing up and down on those things??  ;D 

Yup. He been hauling logs for just shy 10 year now and cut logs full time before that. Started cutting wood with his brother in the late 50's. So he's been doing it for a "few" years. ;)  grandma keeps saying it is time to park the truck and he just says why would I want to do that :D


Those bolts should be changed our every couple of years,The rearmost ones from the boom usually go first.One of the guys that used to haul wood for me had a Hood 7000 that kept breaking bolts ,he changed them out fairly often.
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Hauled a load of wood with it today. Grandpa had a guy with a "heated" shop fix it. ;) It took them a while to get
all the bolts out. Ended up having the bolts made locally for a 1/4 of what prentice wanted for them. ;D Works fine now 

M Cook


This is Mike Cook from Harrison MI, is your grandpa's name Ron, if it is tell him I said hi and hope that I can still be active in the woods when I'm his age.  30 years ago I used to haul wood to Weyerhauser every Sunday afternoon and so did Ron, we would get unloaded and then meet up at a restaurant on snow bowl road where he would tell me logging stories for hours.  I miss those days, he also worked for Biewer's Sawmill with Gary Long, we also worked with them too, Gary always kept me up to date with what Ron was up to. If Ron is your grandpa I would love to see him again, glad to here your loader back together, we had the same thing happen to us before.   

Mike Cook
Mike Cook


Mike Cook our Grandpa's name is Ron. You hit the nail right on the head. Im sure he remembers those days. Its been a few years that he been out of that loop. Don't see a reason why he wouldn't want to meet you for breakfast sometime. I guess its a small world.

M Cook


I can be reached at 989 539-6578, or Cell # 989 329-2284, thanks and look forward to seeing your grandpa again and meeting you.

Mike Cook
Mike Cook


Glad your grandfather is alright..
Could have been a bad  fall for anyone at any age..
A log in the hands worth two in the bush !


I would get the best grade bolts money could buy after having that happen. Glad no one got hurt, that could have been bad.


Yea it could of been worse. There was a guy locally that had the same thing happen with a 120 prentice. From what I heard he hit the ground before the loader. :-\ The bolts that hold it are a Grade 10 and that had to be specially made.

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