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Title: cookie cutter
Post by: treechopper40 on February 02, 2014, 02:12:35 PM
im looking to build a cookie cutter I have a few old saws to play with first though this will be just for fun not for competition use im wondering what some of you have used for a pipe I want a expantion chamber exhaust please help
Title: Re: cookie cutter
Post by: Cut4fun on February 02, 2014, 03:28:27 PM
I dont know squat about making a pipe myself. Have owned 4 piped saws though.
You have your pipe made to your numbers in the saw. Generic bolt on isnt the way to go. JMO
Title: Re: cookie cutter
Post by: HolmenTree on February 02, 2014, 06:56:42 PM
Depending how much money and effort you want to put into a cookie cutter is my 1st question.
 I've seen one fellow years back who stuck a Yamaha YZ 80 dirt bike exhaust tune pipe on his Stihl 064AV and the saw cut pretty darn good for a low budget racer.

Back in the '80s there was a fab shop in Thief River Falls ,Minnesota that sold tune pipes for Husqvarna 2100's but have since went solely into the snowmobile market.
Title: Re: cookie cutter
Post by: AdkStihl on February 02, 2014, 08:55:11 PM
Where in Upstate NY are you located?

A lot of calculations are needed to build a saw pipe.
Displacement, port timing, type of fuel, desired operating RPM are just a few things needed to go into the big equation.

There is a master pipe builder on another saw forum. But I haven't seen him around lately. He built this pipe for another forum member. If I remember correctly, he had over 40hrs in the pipe.
The expansion chamber length on this 390 is adjustable. It slides kinda like a trombone.