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Thank you to those who helped me decided what mill to get. I ordered at Woodmizer LX50Super. I have 5 or so weeks to get ready. I picked the right spot which is right by my wood processing area. I plan to build the platform in the attached picture. The mill is 12'5" and I have a 5' extension, making it 17'5". I am going to make each track out of 2 10' 6x6 joined at the center and joined with mending plates. I'll have 5 posts with one in the middle to join the two sections of 6x6. I'll dig out the footings about a foot deep and fill with 2A modified gravel. I'll use a laser line level. I am going to put wood chips around the mill but eventually a ground level deck. First project will be making wood storage then making a roof for the mill.Read More


Looks to be a tough job getting it out. Bringing in some heavy equipment .



Read More

A friend dropped it off and wants as many 2x6s as possible.
Any suggestions for best way to break this down?
My plan was to make some 2" side wood that I will edge later, then have a 12x12" cant that I will split, then mill those into the 2x6s. But this seems like a lot of extra heavy handling,Read More

Got a230 a It was sitting for three years. Got it running but we can't get the clutch to disengage. I don't think linkage is right. Clutch was supposed to have been replaced. But I am finding all kinds of loose bolts. It was missing the grapple. Bought a used sure grip grapple put it on . Claw works but not the rotator . Guy said it was working when removed. Do you have to bleed the rotator. Where can a guy get a schematic for the rotator. It has two sets of two lines running down the stick to the rotator. Any help on these two problems would help. When I fix these problems, I'll have more lots more. Thank You.Read More

Gday from Australia!
Just new here, I'm after info on a mill called a lewi saw, it's a portable circular saw set up built in the 90's my father purchased one and has sat in the shed for years. I've got it out of the box and looking to use it in the bush. My only problem is sharpening the blade, there's a 7.2v makita grinder with it that is now obsolete is there a clamp on sharpener that is able to be used?Read More

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