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doc henderson:
Thought i would put up a few more pics of how I make legs fit on rustic benches.




radial drill press with adjustable table to make compound matching holes for legs.  One setting will get two opposite corners, then tilt the head the other way to do the final two corners

doc henderson:
i make most of my benches 16 inches tall, so I have a right angle 16" tall jig to help guide the pull saw.


trimming the legs in one plane



some of my first benches were a little cockeyed.  i use tenon cutters i got from lee valley and use a forstner bit to drill matching angled holes.  since the seat and 4 sides are square to each other, and the seat goes down on the drill press bed, they turn out pretty good.  

Great work, design and craftsmanship.  Thanks for sharing!!!

WV Sawmiller:
   I make the legs using a tenon cutter and a half inch drill after putting them in a vice. I angle 1-1/2" mortises using a spade bit in my drill, drive the legs in from the bottom and cut the excess length off with a Japanese pull saw with set on one side. I usually use 2" LE planks now for benches. Plenty strong and light enough to move around - I tried 4" and was too heavy. Then I put the bench upside down on my mill, clamp it good, spread the band wide,set the height to 17" and make one pass cutting all four (Sometimes 5 if a sharp curve makes the bench off balance) legs at one pass so they are all the same height and same angle. They fit level on a flat surface.

 Apply glue and drive legs in from bottom

 Then I saw the excess inch or so off with a J. pull saw so it is flush with the top of the bench.

 Put bench upside down on mill, set to 17", one pass of the blade and finished.

 They set straight and level then.

 With sharp curves a 5th leg is needed to keep them from tilting backwards when you sit in the middle of the bench.

   I also drive a steel wedge in the top of the leg to spread and hold it tight like an ax head on a handle.

doc henderson:
great idea WV. a lot faster,  I spend 1/2 hour my way.  


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