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Gabriel Lloyd:
Dear Forestry Forum,

Hi, I'm someone who currently has no idea what I wanna do with my life, but have looked at the Forestry Service and have found it surprisingly to my liking, from what (likely little) I've researched. Issue is, I'm not entirely sure where to look in order to learn more about working as a Forester in a professional capacity, such as what's it like in a day-to-day capacity, or what some entry-level Forestry jobs would be. I don't suppose that the kind gentlemen on this site would be able to provide me some suggestions on where to look?

Also apologies if I'm breaking any etiquette for a first post here, this is the first time I've been on a forum this formal.


Welcome Gabe! No need to apologize, we all had to start somewhere. Have you checked with a state college to see what they offer? Is there a state forest service office nearby. Somebody there should be happy to talk with you.

Welcome, Gabriel.
Off to a good start here.  You filled out your profile so when the right guys come along, they can answer with more specifics.  They will be here shortly...

Study your biology and genetics, they will be a big part of what you need. Plant biology is necessary for what itíll take. Know your trees by the bark and other little signs (oh how I wish I knew them well, but alas, I donít). DONíT be afraid to go out and literally beat the bushes, and figuratively as well. One of the government agencies is going to be ďthe oneĒ, but Iím not sure which.

Texas Ranger:
Along with those, computers, IT age, ya know.


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