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Should this Pine tree be taken down ?

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 Hi there - I'm in  the Muskoka region and the township wants a qualified opinion from an Arborist that this tree should be taken down. Before I pay for an Arborist to come on site would like to get this forums opinion.  I  believe this tree was hit by lighting 5 or 6 years ago.  

Hard to tell from a picture, but it looks like a large area of bark has been blown off and there is a big crack up the trunk?  That's going to allow decay into the trunk, and the tree is never going to heal over a wound that big. So longer term it's going to fail at some point.

The question then becomes whether it's going to fail on top of anything, or anyone, important.

Because it has obvious problems I'd be getting the arborist's opinion for sure. 

Ron Scott:
What Ianab said.

Hard to tell without seeing more of the exact location and health of the tree and if it may be burned out inside. What damage will it do if it falls on its own accord or is it a hazard as it stands? It looks like it may be along a lake shore and is leaning towards the lake. It might be fallen into the lake for woody debris to support fish habitat. 

Best to get the arborist's opinion to determine the trees health and potential longevity.

firefighter ontheside:
That tree doesn't look long for this world.  I assume you are wanting to keep it, since you are asking.  Judging by the lack of limbs on one side there may have been another tree in close proximity until recently.

If it's a danger to the public, remove it. If not a danger why waste public money dropping one tree? Plus, the woodpeckers will love you for leaving it if it's safe to humans is the larger question. They and other critters depend on a forest that has a few snags as this will become soon enough.
I don't see the need for an aborist opinion based on the above? 


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