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Hickory? If so, what type?

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Old Greenhorn:
Took a quick run through the woodlot and found two big trees down from the recent storms. One was across the skid trail and will need cleaning up. Pretty good sized tree. I don't run into these much, pretty sure it's a hickory, but wondering what kind? Pics aren't as good as I'd like.

Thats the fruit and leaves.


Slightly different shot of the structure. I will have to come around from the other side to start cutting and take a look at the bark. After knowing the specific species, my next question is the wood characteristics. What is it good for? Should I take sawlogs if I can get them? Looks to be a pretty big stick, not sure yet where it broke. I know it's good for handles and such, but don't know much else.

Old Greenhorn:
Also, forgot to ask, the nuts on this tree, what can be done with the. There is quite a crop. Wondering when they should be harvested, and what to do with them. Is this crop lost because it's too early for harvest?

Re wood: I dont know except for what Ive read about on here, devil wood.

Re fruit: Ive seen squirrels eat most kinds of tree fruit (seeds) in almost any state, except rotten. For other critters, they should have been ripe before harvest whether or not its done by you. Id say leave the nuts (fruit) where they drop & forget them unless not able to because of neighbors.

Definitely hickory.  Pick a few nuts and a branch end off and google images tab.  The nuts are pretty unique.

Hickory is a second cousin to pecan and walnut from what I gather .The nuts from shag bark or shell bark are edible but the so called bitter nut or smooth bark/pignut  are not .As far as lumber info I gathered from a local sawmill says the bitter nut makes the best lumber .
Identification would be of course the bark plus the number of fronds in a leaf .
The lumber is hard and durable but does not hold up to weather well .For firewood it needs cut, split and stacked plus covered  in a timely manner  because left in the log it will rot .It does make for example very nice flooring and I have around 1000 square feet of it in my house of laminated hickory . 


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