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395xp rubber bumpers and any other mount type parts

Started by Booshington13, June 08, 2024, 11:10:08 AM

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Not sure if I'm being dumb as usual, I have the spring mount parts but need the little rubber mounting parts thing feels violent and sketchy without them. I can't find just a set of all of them together tho and one needs a nut and I can't find one with it

doc henderson

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I don't really have one I can make it to currently, I am also working on my 272 which I might just focus on for now and just take my time on 395 because it's a 01 from Sweden in decent condition, just got passed to a dude who also had the come linkage on wrong so it would just stay choked. So fine toothed come it is, also worth it cuz p&c are original and somehow great condition 

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