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Password Recovery

Started by JD Guy, October 19, 2022, 06:38:34 PM

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JD Guy

Help Please!!
I have purchased a new IPad and when the update went from old to new it doesn't know my password on Forestry Forum and a couple of others.

I didn't write the passwords down because a) I didn't intend to replace the old IPad and b) Because I'm stupid :o.

It would be much appreciated if someone can give me a hand, I looked back a few pages but don't find anything that helps.


I'm going to send you a pm.  


Hey I'm trying to help JD Guy. He asked for help over on "firewood hoarders club" or FHC. His post is above. 
He apparently got your pm and something happened and  he can't log in to read your response, so in frustration he asked on the forum. Neither of us are computer/phone whizzes but he's supplied me with his username (it's the same @ FHC)
and email.
What help can I offer either of you? 


I'm going to try emailing him bypassing the pm.