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648g2 park brake stuck

Started by Trav the ax, October 06, 2023, 01:40:15 AM

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Trav the ax

Yesterday I tested the park brake coil which is gd cleaned and blew out the spool and sprayed the valve out with cleaner reinstalled with no luck. I'm going o che k the white wire eon the starter later today. I noticed a break in the plastic of a wire running to park brake and differential valve could this be ot or any other deas out there 


Sounds like you have lost the transmission pump or have a suction issue.  Could also be that white wire to starter it is the ground f9r the park brake relay when not in the start position..

Trav the ax

Thanks for reply if it was the wires off starter would I still have power at the park brake solenoid when I tested with a meter

Trav the ax

Also when tested the valve oil shot out both places would it still for that if it was a pump f327 Ia a code I'm getting 

Trav the ax

What would happen. If the pressure switch  is bad how do I test it

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