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Has the price for Bar and Chain oil jumped in your area?

Started by GRANITEstateMP, June 13, 2023, 06:46:49 AM

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OH logger

I bought 2 pallets of Extreme all season bar oil a month or 2 ago. Before the skid price break it came out to $10/gallon. Last bar oil I got was from my local saw shop and Echo brand. He's now around $$12/gallon and I think this extreme oil is better from what I've seen so far. It says all season but it's too thick for winter for sure. Seems like really good oil. I tried a few gallon before I bought the 2 skids. Comes in 5 quart jugs 

Les Staley

Bought a brand new Homelite XL12 at the Ace Hardware in Boyne City Michigan in 1976.  Was cutting maple/beech/Red Elm firewood to heat our mobile home and addition.   (Lots of cold air leaks).  Used that saw for 14 seasons till I moved to Wyoming.  Lost most of my hearing due to the highly efficient "muffler". Used nothing but used motor oil for its entire life for bar oil.  It still has the original bar (roller bearing nose).  I lubed it religiously.  

      Ran across that saw a month ago in the bowels of my garage.  New gas, a few pulls she popped off and ran. Cut a couple of short blocks off. Could use a sharpen..  
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Les that is a great story. Long shot but by any chance was it a Fisher "Honey Bear" stove, approved for use in mobile homes at the time??? 

Les Staley

We started with a Jotul combi fire number 4,  a cast iron vertical pear shaped outfit with a door that opened down the front. Ended up with a 1/4" plate copy of the smaller Fisher single door. I built it with a sealed firebox and a chamber in the rear that fed two 2"x4" square tubing blower tubes with a squirrel cage fan blowing heated air out the front.   Wife and kids fought for a spot in front of that stove.  
East Jordan Michigan, Pinedale Wyoming and St Maries Idaho.  Honey, I'm HOME!


Very nice, the wife and dogs fight for a place in front of the Honey Bear in a mobile home+addition so you got me going 

Bruno of NH

Buy now it's going up again
Ukraine hit a Russian port much farther away than their capabilities before. 
Some country has helped them and it might be Turkey .
This means they can hit Russian ships . A Russian tanker was hit while empty the other day. No one will insure shipping in a zone like that. The cost of oil is going to rise right before winter.
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$19.95 for Stihl bar and chain oil an hour ago at my Stihl dealer. Shipment came in today. No thanks to our Gov't
south central Wisconsin
It may be that my sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others

Old Greenhorn

For that price I would start filtering old engine oil through a dirty sock and using that. I ain't paying 20 bucks a gallon for bar oil...ever.
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OK, maybe I'm the woodcutter now.
I work with wood, There is a rumor I might be a woodworker.


Fleet Farm currently has Mystic bar and chain oil for $7.99 gallon. I snagged 3 cases before it was gone.  :)
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It does not go bad. I think I think have about 30 gallons on hand.
I had about 60 gallons many years ago.
walmart had poulin and a very good price on it. Every time we would go by a walmart I would go in and see if they had a case. Then TSC use to have good sales on it, another case I would buy.
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Nope.  But I don't hafta worry about high cost bar oil for awhile.  :D
I am a true TREE HUGGER, if I didnt I would fall out!  chet the RETIRED arborist


True, but I want to do what I can to support my Stihl dealer who is struggling to keep his shop open. He gets very poor support from the Stihl corporation, and his orders are delayed (bac ordered for months), and Stihl has now branched out to supply the tractor dealers, hardware stores, box stores, etc. which means stocking all of them with merchandise.
When a buyer has a problem, they know those non-Stihl dealers don't have an experienced tech who can diagnose the problem and fix it and get a product back running again quickly. My dealer, had his shop for 45 years now, can quickly fix the problem or at least diagnose the problem.
Well known for his experience, the new Stihl products are purchased at a Deere shop, Ace hardware, a Farm and Fleet store, and a box store, but brought to my Stihl dealer when there is a problem. As he says, he feels he can't charge enough for his service in good conscience. He's a nice guy, and I hope to help him stick around.
Now the bank kicked his interest up 2½% to 9%, he says, and I wouldn't be surprised if he up and retires. I'd guess he is now 75 yrs old. Maybe his problem is he likes Stihl and his customers that he has earned and serviced over his 45 years, just too much. 
Wish him well. But for a couple bucks, I'll buy his Stihl bar oil. 
I ordered and bought his first Stihl LogRite cant hook, when after Jeff's 2005 pig roast LogRite announced their agreement with Stihl.
south central Wisconsin
It may be that my sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others


Have not bought bar oil in years. I recycle hyd. oil and used gear oil, settled and strained. Wish I could buy the tackifier to make my own bar oil.


I've found some stuff online to add tack or just thicken but the price don't add up. 

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