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Author Topic: Don't you love people you haven't seen in years stopping buy to borrow money?  (Read 5030 times)

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Offline jon12345

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Its easy to not let friends borrow money, when you don't have any

friends or money   :D :D
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Offline crtreedude

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You are easy! My kids have to provide a business plan...  ::)
So, how did I end up here anyway?

Offline DMax

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What is the difference between a close relative and a distant relative?

A distant relative is a close relative that owes you money!

Offline oakiemac

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    • Hickoryandoak
I was thinking along the same line as you. I always thought Jeff's full name was Jeffery "the Trump" B. I was figuring that I could hit him up for a brand new wheeled articulating loader. Then again maybe just a box o' grits ;D ;D
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Offline Cedarman

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Can you believe the nerve of my parents?  They made me sign a note when I borrowed money from them.
I am in the pink when sawing cedar.

Offline Mr Mom

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     When i used to borrow money from my dad  the intrest was 100%  :o :o.
     He would say 10 for 20.
     Then i got a job.

     Mr Mom

Offline Corley5

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I've got a cousin who's a mooch.  He did a stint in the pen a few years back and when he got out he started stopping over now and then to visit.  Not a lot and not often but now and then.  I've never been concerned about him stealing or anything of that nature but I warned Dee that if I wasn't home to becareful because he was looking to scam money.  He knew I wouldn't hand out any but figured Dee as a soft touch ::)  Little did he really know.  One day I was gone and Ronnie stopped.  He starts on this sales pitch about if he had $400 to buy this new tattoo gun he could make so much money...... ::) ;)  He didn't get any money and hasn't been around much since then 8)
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Offline SwampDonkey

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Ya musta cut into his extracurricular activities. ;D
No amount of belief makes something a fact. James Randi

1 Thessalonians 5:21

Offline Phorester

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About 4 years ago the 20-something son of a friend of mine stopped me out in the county and said he couldn't make it to next payday, needed to borrow $20.  Said he knew where my office was, would stop by after he got paid the next week and pay me back.   Before I gave him the money, I figured, well, I can stand to loose $20.    Haven't seen him since.

I just write off money borrowed like that as lost, I don't expect to get repaid, so I don't loan if if I can't afford to loose that much. 

I like Ian's quote, money well spent.

Another friend told me that a friend of his asked to borrow $500 to get his car fixed.  My friend said, I'll put $500 into an account with your repair shop.  What's the name?  He said the guy walked off without another word.
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Offline Jason_WI

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I always seem to borrow money to my parents by picking up supplies at fleet farm for the farm. Last spring I bought a rebuilt engine for one of the tractors that was broke. Something like $6500. It was spring time and all the seed and fertilizer bills had my parents running tight. I got paied back 2 months later no problem.

Now if I would borrow money to my sister that would be a different story. Makes more money than me and lives check to check.  ???  I ask here where it all goes and she just shrugs her shoulders ::)

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Offline mometal77

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I have loned gfs money never got it back a few grand i learned cheaply and know what not to do.  I feel for the people in new orleans but isnt this the same if you buy or support relatives they mooch for a long time and become dependant for some?  This also reminds me of some religions that come to the door.  Open and you ask great your going to give me money for my time to come to the door and your giving me paper for the fire great i dont have to go to the store.  Sorry i am a archie bunker fan and a christian redneck.  I agree you get right to the point i dislike friends or i call aquantaces in todays life one thing my ex hated about me was i dont trust people that has to be earned.  Family does come first but if you dont like family it just means your not far enough away for them to visit.  If they cant pay there telephone bill all the better.  This lol convo reminds me of the movie The great outdoors when i first read a few of the responses i love john candy he was a great actor.
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Offline bull

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My dad and brothers are  borrowers of  things, tools, lumber,etc.  It's the borrow to own program, when I go to their house to recover my property. They have a "coniption fit" and start trying to tell me when and where they bought my tools etc. Note: everything is engraved w/my SS#.
My younger brother thinks I should do things for him " out of the goodness of my heart"!  I plow his driveway over 700' and he thinks a check for $100.00 in fuel is enough to cover it. My average 60' driverway pays $50.00 every time I plow. And then if I don't plow him out soon enough he calls to complain... My big concern is my nieces if he didn't have the girls, he be having a great time shoveling.....
Also have started the Photo lineup for borrowing, Picture of the borrower tool in hand, dated and signed for. I have gotten tools back that I forgot I owned and have not had to chase things. 8) best one was the jumper cable "still in the box" my brother borrowed ,"hadn't seen them in about ten years".
Anyone who's ask's for money is told where to go right then and there !!  Go see the wife, she work's at a bank and can get a credit check and help with the loan application ;)

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