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Where I have been

Started by Jeff, November 18, 2001, 06:10:09 AM

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Lately I have gotten some email and Instant messages asking where I have been because my posts are down, or because I did not reply to something.

Tom asked me to do this before, but I never did because I figured no one would be interested. At the bottom of this note is a list of some websites that I am responsible for. I built and coded everypage of each site. Many of which still take some of my time daily, some are being constructed now. I take care of the email needs of several of these companies which leads to being their technical support, which leads to phone calls everyday helping someone untangle a problem. (Most of which can be attributted to my pet peave, secretaries that type with all capital letters and wonder why thier user names and passwords do not work. Then a week later they do it again and say, "I thought you fixed that")
I also have a full time sawing job plus I am an artist that occasionally takes time for someone who needs an illustration or graphics or something to that effect.

This summer has been particularly busy what with my capital tree duties and moving all of the listed websites to our own servers. (We have 2, forestryforum, and forestryforum2!)

Working on these:

Hopefully this winter I will get back to this project with Don P.

And if I get time today I will upload my very first website that I made for my art. Some of it works and some of it may be a joke.

Hopefully this explains when I am slow to answer on the forum or sometimes miss a message or an email, or don't fix something right away that needs fixing
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You go boy!  :)

But hay I thought you said you were busy? Once you get another twenty websites -----then you will be busy :o :o :o

Keep up the great lookin work

Don P

Don't let me stop you from going walkin on water this winter. :D  That list sadly has the look of work. ::)
I'm firmly convinced we were put here chiefly to hunt, gather, fish  and  :-*  :D ;D


Okay, I won't complain about teachers being least not for a few days!  :D

Do you ever sleep?