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Lost on the new forum

Started by Stephen1, January 04, 2012, 10:05:27 PM

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Hi guys, what happened or where is the list of custom sawyers and there websites.
Everyone used to be on the page on the right. I know Jeff didn`t lose them, I did,
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Shameless commerce links?  For me they are now on the bottom of the entry page under a link named shameless commerce links
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I think he's talking about the "Forum Extras".  I think Jeff said the member map got wiped out or couldn't be used with the new forum software upgrade, so I wonder if the find a sawyer also got the ax?
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The member map is still there.  It's in the links near the top of the page.  I do not know what happened to the custom sawyers list.  Jeff will have to jump in on that one.


QuoteI do not know what happened to the custom sawyers list.

It's now under "Find-A-Database" up on the top right of the screen.

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That's where I thought it was, Ian but when I click the Find-A-Database link I get the following error:

Error 404!

File Not Found!

Was going to ping Jeff offline about this, as I thought it was just me (I have things locked down on my systems).  But it might be the extra "/" in the URL returned in that error message.

Are any of you getting the same error?


I get the same error message with IE, James.
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I tried removing the extra "/" from the URL and that didn't fix it for me.  Jeff will get 'er fixed up shortly.


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