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Uploading pics from photo sharing site?

Started by Piston, September 26, 2012, 11:16:23 AM

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I know how to upload pics to my gallery from my computer, but I save all my photos to an online storage site (smugmug) since I access them from multiple computers.

I've been going to smugmug, veiwing my pics, saving each individual one to the hard drive of whatever computer I'm on at the time, then going to the forum gallery, uploading my pics from the hard drive, then going back and deleting them from the hard drive. 

Is there an easier way?  I assume I can upload the file right from a web link but I'm just not smart enough to figure it out.  :D

On my smugmug site, I can choose 'share file' and it gives me numerous links for forums and different links for different sized photos.  If I could just upload a link it would be so much easier. 
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Its not allowed as it promotes the ability for a member to easily take photos or images that belong to another website and put them on our server. By the forum offering this ability, it would diminish our legal protection if a member violates a copyright and that copyright holder decides to take action.  If you have to have it on your computer or device first before it comes here, there is no question on the intent.  I've gotten many notices over the years where someone demands the removal of images from our server because a member just took them. When I get a notification like that, you  can be dang sure I remove them.

There are outfits that actively seek out copyright violations so they can threaten to sue you until you settle.  Google's new image searching technology makes it pretty easy to find an image that is a copy of your own.
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I did a search with Goggle image and used an image of a sled I made. What it came up with was a bunch of red cars. :D :D
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