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ATV Logging suggestion

Started by johndoesti, February 07, 2017, 10:59:26 AM

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Another vote for a Honda.  I started out with a utility 2000 Honda Foreman, all wheel drive, all the time.  Simple and bullet proof.  It's still going strong.  What it could pull out of the woods with an arch was impressive.




Dave Rinker

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   I use a Kawasaki Prairie 650. I have about 40 acres that rises over 100' (oops - correction) 450'-500' from front to rear. I pull some pretty large logs down hill with and without a logging arch. I have had some pretty hairy rides down the hill. I would not try to pull anything up hill over 6-8 inches and 20-30 feet long, if that. I would not suggest anything smaller and even think you would be better served with a UTV for the extra weight. Good luck and be careful.
Howard Green
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That's a very nice arch.Did you build it?
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Dave Rinker


i would have to agree with some other replies, on the the 4 wheeler logging idea. I've been there and done that! I purchased 334 acres back about 5 years ago and started with 2 new 4 wheelers ,log rite logging arch, and gravel rascal they all do a good job at light work but.... if you plan on cutting and hauling, fire wood, logs to mill, i would go with the advise a friend gave me and it has been my best decision. wm 55 with loaded tires and ice chains, 12000lb farmi winch, bradco frame mount back hoe with thumb, and forks.Its not a skidder or bulldozer, but has really been a versatile and back saver for me with trail maintenance ,stump and rock removal from trails hauling my firewood and logs for the sawmill, and the many other options you can use it for. thats my 2 cents of experience that i know you won't be disappointed with


Quote from: celliott on February 07, 2017, 05:01:37 PM
I think you need to narrow your choices down to side by side UTV or regular ATV. A regular ATV is not nearly as wide as a UTV and will be more nimble in the woods. A UTV will have more load capacity, be more stable, and tow more.

My suggestion? Get a 6x6 ATV. We use them at work for maple tubing installations. They don't turn as tight as a 4 wheeler, but are very nimble in the woods, and you would be amazed how much more stable they are, and the places they will go. They have a rear cargo box that dumps as well.
We have used polaris sportsman big boss 800's in the past, I think they have a new 570 big boss that is supposed to be improved a bit (power steering, 2up seat)
We did also just get a Can am outlander 6x6 as well, with a track kit for deep snow. It's geared lower than a regular outlander and is wider.
If you really want to work an ATV hard and also keep the width and agility of a 4 wheeler, get a 6x6. You can recreation-ally ride a 6x6 just fine atv accessories, but the regular 4 wheelers will outdo them trail riding generally. Although a 6x6 will go some pretty foolish places  :D
It's time for a new battery on a JD Gator 625i with a dump bed. I'm running a Boss Power V Xt. Of course there are headlights, but also a strobe, front and back LED lights on the roof, and a cab heater.

Would like your thoughts on a suitable battery to run these accessories in cold weather. Right now the stock battery is still there.

P.S. Looking to add a bed spreader (possibly with a vibrator) so add that to the mix. If anyone is selling a spreader that would fit, I'd be interested....


@wildtmpckjzg , your jumping into an over 6 year old thread with a question sort of off to the side, might be better to start a new one.
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The original poster has not posted on this thread since 2017.
would be nice to know how things are going

my first piece of equipment would be a 4x4 tractor with at least 50 HP
next is an Excavator, 10,000 pound at least. or go whole hog and get one that can use a harvester head.

drill a well.

i had 166 acres so i know
"let the machines do the work"

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