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I haven't seen this before

Started by barbender, December 09, 2017, 10:56:53 PM

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There's a country song with a line about a woman "inventing new ways to be cruel", I think of it sometimes when I watch people bust up equipment. The other day one of the truckers called me, said he'd need a push up a hill as his "transmission came right off the motor"!😲 So, I drove out, and found

That is the shift tower on the bottom of the tranny, it spun the whole tranny 180°!! Sheared the bell housing bolts right off. He met another truck on a hill, he tried to start back up loaded, personally I think he rolled backwards first, but I wasn't there. Let the clutch out and BAM! I was visiting with a guy that used to work out west, and he was the only person I talked to that had seen this before. He said a guy out there powered out on a hill and stalled the engine. It started rolling backwards and did the same thing, but unfortunately the shift lever didn't break off and broke the guy's leg!
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Wow how is that possible lol! Was it missing a bunch of flywheel housing bolts or break the flywheel housing?
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Well, the owner came out and looked it over, he said from what he could see it sheared all of the flywheel bolts off. We'll know better when the repair is done, but it looked like it just destroy led the bell housing, and the pto housing, and didn't damage the block or trabsmission.
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That right there is impressive. I didn't even think that was possible,glad I'm not footing the bill on that one  :D


Normally the input shaft should twist before breaking the bolts off. What transmission was it? Engine?


There's lots of stuff I would expect to let go before this happens. I don't know what tranny this is, C12 Cat engine.
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Wow!!! I agree with you, he was likely rolling back and dumped the clutch. Expensive mistake.
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One of my pulp buyers drivers left the lockers in with a 98,000# load trying to turn off a dirt road to blacktop. Wouldn't turn,so put it in granny gear. Rear end went all over the black top. Also around the same time the owner lost a set a tire's & hub with a load on. His mechanic forgot to put the axle nut lock on. And of coarse road postings were only a few days away. Glad I stay in the woods & not the road.


Wow that's a bad job and costly for someone! Was it an aluminium bell housing? We get a lot around here that corrode wicked and have to be replaced, but this is usually caught upon the annual inspection.


Im betting the bellhousing bolts were backing off and/or some of the dowels may have been missing or fallen out.  If the guide dowel holes arent torn clear out its because they werent there.  The input shoulda snapped first.    All the sae2 bell adapters ive ever seen were aluminum.  Its a fuller trans.  Hes lucky it didnt turn that battery cable into a stick welder and burn the rig down. 

Or maybe unlucky, depending on insurance coverage.
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And here I thought this was impressive that my buddy sent me from the shop he works at:

Thats the biggest input shaft they make (2" i believe) for on road tractors i think its rated for 2000ft lbs driver broke that last week.  Same thing, load of fuel on back rolled backwards let the clutch out.  But it didnt break instantly that fractured something then he commenced to hot rodding it and it broke shortly after.  the truck (t800) has a 600hp/2100ft-lbs tune. 
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Quote from: barbender on December 09, 2017, 10:56:53 PM
There's a country song with a line about a woman "inventing new ways to be cruel", I think of it sometimes when I watch people bust up equipment.

One of my favorite's Dwight Yocum's song, Guitars, Cadillacs, Hillbilly Music

"But thank you girl for teaching me
brand new ways to be cruel
and if I can find my mind now, I guess I'll just leave." 
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Input shaft break is a blessing.  You pull the shift cover, inspect gearsets to be sure all is well.. Then just unbolt bearing retainer and slide in another input.  If you broke stuff in the main box its a full teardown.

Maybe 10yr ago on a wheeling trip my buddy exploded the entire trans case out of his rockcrawler.  Shafts, gearsets, roller bearings, tcase and driveshafts just went whump onto the ground. 
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I broke a 5 and 4 years ago on a hill . Tried to go from 3rd to first as I was powering out . As I was moving the shifter I was thinking you are going to break something . Yep 7041 Spicers aren't cheap .
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I can't imagine how much force it would take to shear off 12 7/16 bolts!
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Thanks Roxie, I knew it was Dwight Yocum, but I couldn't remember how to spell his last name😊 This happened on a pretty steep hill, and this tractor was pulling a triple axle trailer, so probably 92K gross. I think the bell housing was aluminum,  might have been cast iron. There were chunks of it all over for sure!
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At least he didn't break down "A Thousand Miles From Nowhere." (another of Dwight's songs.)   :)
I had an old International semi eat a u-joint pulling a loaded belly dump full of gravel a couple years ago, on a steep hill. Carefully rolled backwards downhill, (running over the drive shaft on the way back down), and parked on level ground to get towed. Unhitched from the loaded trailer, (Boss's idea, not mine), and got towed back with a 1 ton pickup and a chain. Oh the fun of truck driving...    :)
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I spent thanksgiving last year in a port jervis parking lot, waiting for a headgasket.  It. Was. COLD.

Next day was a fun few mile walk to napa and back with a pail of oil and a pail of coolant.  Then another trip for filters and drain pan.  3 days to get rolling.  I will never hammer up a hill again for as long as i live.

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I've had a variety of things go wrong for me and I've seen a variety of things happen to others but I ain't never seen that. Wouldn't have thought it possible without seeing it cause I would have expected something else to give first. But sometimes the stars align to create something good and sometimes a disaster.
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Seen that kind of stuff lots up north , seen my Dad split a 13 speed case right in half long ways in a paystar 5000 , 150,000 pounds going down hill on ice sliding then hit bare ground , happened real fast


Aluminum housing ? Otherwise you would think something else has to give first.
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Maybe I don't break as much stuff as I thought after seeing that. The last drive line  problem was in a 30,ooo lb. Rockwell rear. It broke 1 axle shaft in 2 had a Detroit locker in it. The locker didn't always unlock turning coroners.  I replaced it with the new improved Eaton no spin


Outch, I can just imagine of the force going around a corner loaded with a locked diff. Probably made some noise too. ;D
Make sure you know how to fall properly when you fall and as to not hurt anyone around you.
Also remember, it's not the fall what hurts, its the sudden stop. !!

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I guess the guy that lived at that intersection watched for about 15 minutes & heard it go. Pretty loud he said.

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