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Custom Web Design Service specializing in but not limited to forestry and  forest industry related topics.

Full service including web designs, original graphic and logo design, e-commerce, web hosting and email.

Of course this website,

Just finished my most recent forestry related website. It may need a edit or two yet but for the most part its done.

I like that SPIFFY  artistic, award-winning site, , the best ;D

Jeff B:

First time I opened this thread is today. I can see you have alot of talent for website design and quite a list of sites you've built for folks. When do you sleep? ;) The forum itself is certainly a tribute of your talents. I don't know if there were others involved in its design, if so, hats off to everyone.

Personally, I've only built 2 sites. One is no longer being updated (but still exists), since it was for a former employer of mine. I have spent more time with access 2000 database designing and setup with GIS systems, both for myself and third parties. Lately, much of my efforts have been toward using GPS and mobile GIS to map silviculture and private woodlot stands and associated ground features (roads, streams etc). Examples are on my web pages. I hope to develop this service for agriculture as applied to crop and yield applications through the mapping of farms and land classification using GIS and geographically rectified aerial photography.

Anyway, before I make this a long post, just wanted to express my appreciation for you and the other folks that maintain this valueable internet resource. Somebody has to remind you every once in awhile ;) :D  Also, I get a chuckle at times from Tom's and many other's anecdotal experiences. Sometimes I just shake my head. ;) Some of us technical types write too much dry reading at times, although I try to slip a few phrases in now and again. ;D :D :D


PS, is there a 'Book of Tom's Anecdotes' on :D :D :D

ok, don't bust a stitch ;)



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