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First day of Fall

Started by Bibbyman, September 23, 2003, 05:38:29 AM

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First day of fall and Fla_Deadheader just past me in posts.

Well, now we're even again.   8)

He's going to have to double up to pass Tom and Jeff.  :D
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  Just wait till I get back to work, Bibby. Y'all will think I turned into a ghost ;D :) :)
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My winter finished in a nice sunny weekend.
Spring arrived in a worn tuesday morning!
Summer is going to be Great.
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 Well fall arrived here in new england, and its RAINING AGAIN  >:( :( :'(. Hope everyone in the atlantic states are OK.
Ed K
Ed K


got some rain last night, been good harvest weather.  wanted to start choppin corn but the silo unloader fell in the liftin process >:( >:( >:( >:(. looks like more rain, hope its dry when the unloader is fixed
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funny thing is its the first day of fall & the the grass aroud here looks the best it has all year becuase we had sooooooo much rain. raining again to but it was nice for a few weeks.


We got our first hard frost a few days ago. been cutting and splitting firewood for this winter. How'd everyone weather the storm out east? Sounds like lots of damage.
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"First day of Fall" ?

Yesterday was 87F and today looks to be about the same temperature wise.

Will have to sit out back this evening (with the wife) and watch the starlight sky, listen to crickets and cool down from a warm fall day.
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We celebrated the first day of fall by turning on the furnace.  :'(

I could have used a few more weeks of milder weather. I prefer it when the major part of my utility bill goes toward electricity for my computer.  :D


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  Sept. 21, 2003

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fall is here in full force
the unloader will be fixed
but here comes the rain
for a week straight. >:( ::)
northern adirondak yankee farmer


been real good harvest weather up here close to the great white north. :)  had 1/2 inch of rain Tuesday night and that was perf to help keep the dust down. talked with a few farmers and the potato size and yield are very good.  the foliage hasn't really kicked in yet, maybe it was all the rain we got in July and August or is it cause it seems like the weather has been a couple weeks behind this year??

well gotta go back to the Dang vood pile. working on our eleventh cord  :o

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