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2 chains or 4 chains on a log skidder

Started by MICKEY108, February 11, 2015, 08:34:05 PM

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I have heard 2 chains and I've heard 4 chains I have cat 518 grapple with 28lx26 tires I wondering what to do

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If you can afford it go with 4 the extra traction helps a lot.
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If one should go with 4 chains, would it be better to go with 4 bearpaw, or 2 bearpaw and 2 ice grippers? I've seen both done, just wondering if there was an advantage to either set-up?
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I was always told to run with 4   less likely to pop a r&p or planatary 

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 We run  two sets of double diamond ice lugs on our skidder with 28l's. When we first bought our skidder we put two sets of bear paws on but never again. The problem was the 28L's are a wide tire and in steep frozen ground the ice lugs would chew out grooves in the tracks because the outside of the tires would keep them from penetrating. Which led to  problems 1) not being able to get to the trees or 2) taking off like a toboggan with no control. After switching to the double diamond we didn't have that problem.
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I hear ya on the bear paws  ;D there not to bad in the summer but are horrible in the winter   the guy iv been helping has 2 sets of ice chains on 24.5  don't know the name but they have 5in circles with 3 sets of picks on each there awesome if you spin on a top or tree laying down it looks like it went through a wood chipper


I run bear paws on all 4. There have been times the ice picks would have been beneficial but for the most part the paws do the trick. If you have one set of chains on the machine now and buy a new set...always put the new set on the front. Bear Paws that is. Never ran the ice chains so can't tell you about them. Everyone I have to talk to about them has a love/hate relationship with them. They love the traction on icy trails but hate the fact that they are hard to tighten and keep that way. I thought about a set for the back tires but for what I do it wouldn't pay. They are a little more pricy than the paws also. Over the last few years I have found dozens of chains both bear paws and ice chains in the woods. Must be the big boys just leave them where they fall off and put new ones on at the landing. My head keeps thinking salvageable parts but they are heavy and would need a machine of some kind to get out.


Count the links on the side chains between the crossovers some will have more than others where you have extra's put clevis's there to tighten up.
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buy eco tracks and you will never run chains again. Guys are running bald tires with rubber missing and the eco tracks and they still pull better than chains. check the link.
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Them eco tracks are impressive. Made that deere climb like a billy goat ;D


Quote from: so il logger on February 12, 2015, 02:45:27 PM
Them eco tracks are impressive. Made that deere climb like a billy goat ;D
+1  8)
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i'v always been a fan of rings front and ice chains on the back, seems to work good.
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Quote from: MICKEY108 on February 12, 2015, 06:45:26 PM
If u got good tires how about no chains
not if you want to go in deep snow and ice




We don't get the snow down here like ya'll do


If i was going to jump out in 5 feet plus snow, i'd set my skidder up the way i had my S8 IH, 353, Funk power shift,set up. I had fluid in all four with bear paws on the front. There was no chattering, she'd go, blow a little black smoke, burned more fuel, but got the job done.
My C5-D,353, stick shift, with no fluid, with bear paws on the front, was hard to skid with. Chatter, winch, chatter, winch, hard on the skidder and driver.
I knew a guy that when the skidder started having trouble getting around, he brought his 1010 John Deere dozer out. He ran it all around though the timber, this was in a Tamarack swamp. This worked out very good.
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Where is "down here" for you?
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That will put your comments in perspective.  ;)
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if you are in mud i would run ring chains on all 4. if you are in clay they work better than ice chains.  up here i run rings on front, ice on back, works good. front rings are  5 years old starting to wear, ice on back are new, so you have to plan your turns, all skidders turn with the front. i wouldnt run a skidder with out chains it tears up the tires. just my opinion. good luck
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As far as pulling two on the back is great. But it sucks to go straight and not steer good. All four imo. And if you want rings it will ride much better if they are on the axle that pivots. Although your cat should in the middle. Another thing we find is the ice chains through more loose snow and plug the engine gaurds. Have fun

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