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Baker Great Portable Sawmill Shootout Video


In October, Baker Products had an opportunity to attend the Paul Bunyan Show in Cambridge, OH. Hosted every other year, "The Great Portable Sawmill Shootout" Is hosted by the Sawmill and Woodlot Magazine. Baker Products is the only Band Sawmill company to have competed in each and every competition. The link to the Video and the Stats are as follows:

Sawyer: Hank Somero
Tailman: Clay Hedrick
Log Scale: 533
Actual Production: 587
Production Ratge (BF/hr) 1,621
Log Scale conversion: 109%
Miscuts (BF): 3

JB Griffin:
Congrats guys. Them Baker mill are bad to the bone for sure. I run a Dominator for a living and can saw 6-8mbf a day in 8ft oak.

JB, thanks for the comment!! Nice to hear of you running one of the Baker BP Dominators and running with success.


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