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Wood Wizz comes to California!!!

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Peter Drouin:
I like that,  smiley_thumbsup

Real nice! I must have missed it but is there some kind of "set works" that controls the width of the cut in increments? As far as, an "automatic" amount of movement per cut?  I saw the up and down is lever controlled but curious about the other. Thanks

There is no setworks with this machine.  The width of your cut is controlled by an index rail that runs along the top of the gantry.  A lever locks into index grooves every 3.5" to give an even, straight, consistent cut with the planer head for each pass.  The head can be locked into a free floating position to bypass the index grooves and allow for smooth motion manually on the x and y axis for sanding and buffing.

I saw something like that at the woods expo in Bangor Maine in 2016. I talked to the guy about it and he shut it off so I could really see how it worked.

Well, this past weekend we wrapped up the Redwood Region Logging Conference in Ukiah, CA.  It was less than ideal weather conditions, but still good to meet all who braved the weather and came by the booth.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  

If you have any questions about the Wood Wizz, functions, price, availability, or how it could improve your business or hobby, call Baker Products at 573-663-7711.  We would love to speak to you!


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