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Raider Bill:
Saw this in the morning news.

6 people per target with axes.  Could be interesting.  Wonder if they have a medic in staff. 

These places are becoming very popular news stories all over the country, but...those look like hatchets in the photos, not axes...Just saying. It's kinda like having a BB gun and saying you're a big game hunter.   :)  ;D  :laugh:

At the Wormsloe historic site here in Savannah they have hatchet throwing for the folks to try out.  They even have some small ones for the smaller folks.    It's a great way to learn something about the sport.  I noticed the back boards in the picture appear to be regular lumber.  Am I correct?  Seems they would split and tear apart quickly.

doc henderson:
It is a lot of fun.  We do it at our yearly "Camp Alaska".  over the course of the day, we will coach 400 boy scouts at "tomahawk" throwing.  You can by a scout pack of tomahawks with 6 hawks and 2 extra handles for around a hundred dollars.  for a target we use elm, or cottonwood cookies on a tripod.  Aprox. 7 steps away and let er rip.


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