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A few ways to implement providing power to the PLC to reduce the re-zero step and also overcome the the issue of a weak engine battery that resets the PLC by mill loads dropping the PLC supply below 10 VDC, which will reset the PLC resulting in the zero data point being lost.  Note it was found that there was greater than a 2VDC drop measured at the PLC (due to the long wires).  A weak battery will drop easily when multiple hydraulic loads are switched.  The machine tested already had a pair of wires running to the PLC but the drop was still significant; by adding an isolated small battery near the PLC the power supply will be a more consistent higher voltage, with less electrical noise, and allow the sawhead to be powered off while the PLC (setworks computer) can still be powered on keeping the programmed zero active.

1)  Purchase a trailer safety switch brake controller kit with built in charger.  Use it to power the PLC.  Connect the charge wire to Pin 1 on the trailer junction box,  activate spare wire number 22 and connect it to the 12VDC from the safety switch module,  remove and tape off the existing computer power switch center post connections then connect the other end of wire 22 to the computer power switch center posts.  Connect the safety switch ground to ground. This solution will power the PLC with the internal battery in the trailer safety switch power module and the engine battery will provide the charge current to the newly added battery module.  Example of this product (there are others out there too)

2)  Use the same method posted but use a 5 amp diode, and do the wiring from the trailer junction box and use a small 5 AH 12VDC battery.  Pin 1 &20 are to be power from the sawhead battery/alternator.  A diode is added from this node to the new 5 AH battery +12VDC lead (unused pins 22-24 for connections can be used).  Use spare wire 22 or other to run the new supply to the center of the computer switch (removed the two connections to the center pins, tape them off).

3)  Since all data is stored in the PLC have the Accu-set software changed to keep the zero value.

4)  Convince Cook's to modify there design to use design concept in number 1 or 2.  

5) Any stationary mill users could retrofit their trailer for this purpose using suggestion number 1 or 2.  If you are portable then option 2 would suit the best.



Steve, this is nothing about the mods, but it surely was good to see your name pop up when you made a reply.  8)

Thank you sgschwend@ Steve for helping solve a ongoing issue with the set works on the AC 36. Hopefully the description posted can help others modify there set works.
Mill is working fantastic now! no more power entruprtion, Which caused memory loss of where the 1" mark from mill deck is. Now I only need too make the 1" entry at beginning of day and leave computer on all day and shutting mill off doesn't interfere.

Steve also came through on a Timber king B-20 modification back in 2008. A ongoing  issue with the cord reel, and replaced with a remote controlled switch making milling more efficient with no cord reel.
Thank you Steve


 I got tied of cleaning up 15' of a thin layer of sawdust. This is a 6x10 hvac vent adaptor and some vent pipe. It is attached with a carriage bolt that sticks out a little do to a nut on the bolt (one inside one outside). I put a key hole in the vent set up so it just slips over the carriage bolt. I stabilized it with 2 strong magnets, one on each side. This works well to keep the sawdust concentrated, making cleanup much easier. It comes off in less than a minute for blade changes.




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