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Im getting 10 each of red oak, red maple, sugar maple, and black walnut.  I am filling a space to square off a field.  Should I just plant them randomly or group them?  Does one of them do better as a edge tree?  Thanks for any advice.  

Texas Ranger:
My only suggestion, other than suit your need, is to plant the black walnut away from the rest, they produce an element that will restrict the growth of the rest.

Old Nate:
I'm sorry I have no insight... just curious about the spacing and the size of the trees being planted. 

I've been wanting to plant Maple trees but wasn't sure how close to place them. 

Around here at least the faster growing to slowest will be Black Walnut, Red Maple, Red Oak and last Sugar Maple.

If your looking for lumber you'll want to plant them closer and make them grow up rather than out.

Local forester can probaly give you and idea on spacing.
However with just 40 trees you'll have a good percentage on the edge where they will likely grow out (crooked) rather than up.

Your choice on types is interesting.

Me. I'd go with the Walnut, White Oak instead of Red Oak, Black Cherry rather than Red Maple and Shagbark Hickory rather than the Sugar Maple.
All of these trees are more of Pioneer/Intermediate species that would do better in an open area with lots of sunlight.

I would plant oaks on the outside since they need full sunlight. Then walnut, hopefully they will get enough light and will outgrow the oak and not get limby , prune and release as necessary.finally the maples farthest away from the edge since they are  the most shade tolerant. Good luck...


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