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Would a L53 kiln and L53 Heat Booster in a 20' reefer work ?  What about computer sys to document it  ?

doc henderson:
AR, sorry no one has replied yet.  but @YellowHammer uses a meter that can go onto a computer.  and @K-Guy is the resident Nyle rep.  they should chime in soon.  There have been a few threads on this if you care to search.

doc henderson:
is this for firewood, lumber or both?

Yes, it would work, but its not optimal, as the configuration of the L53 is more conducive to a horizontal baffle design and most shipping containers work better, because of their length, with a vertical baffle.  Also, several more baffle fans would need to be added to insure proper airflow down the length of the container.

The L53 is rated at 1,000 bdft of green hardwood, and a 20 foot container kiln could contain almost twice that.  A heat booster would be required in a volume that size.  

An L-200 would be a better choice.

A computer system can be used, but the kiln controllers provide all the necessary information.  



You can use these units as heat treaters but they are not as efficient as others. They are designed as lumber kilns to dry wood and that's where they are most efficient.

The big question is what are you heat treating?
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