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Nearing the end of a strange year


Hi everyone! Looking back on the forum, I haven't been in here for almost two years!  :o Shocking! 

I work part-time for Peterson now as I have my own marketing business as well, but I still have a huge amount of passion for our products and people so I don't want to leave :D. I'm coming up 15 years with the company! Yeah, still waiting for that gold watch  ;)

Just wanted to check in and let you know we're still going strong down here in New Zealand, with a record number of sales this year from all corners of the world. 

I'm really lucky to have the help of Maurice in the Marketing Department, and Polly Kerris' PA (who I've kind of stolen a bit) who are helping to keep things ticking and keep getting the word out about our cool company and great products. We're currently looking at a slight redesign of our website to modernise it a bit, and working on putting out some more videos. Did you see this one? It's kind of 'pretty' haha but was made professionally for us by a DWS owner in the USA and we think it's cool.

With it being such a strange and difficult year for so many, we feel blessed that we've managed to retain our staff and even hire some new faces. In saying that, we are all looking forward to a break over summer. 

We're getting emails weekly from customers telling us about how they're getting on in their respective parts of the world. No matter what your stance is on Covid-19 it has certainly affected us all in 2020 and we feel for those still in some form of lockdown. Also for those who have lost loved ones during this time and haven't been able to mourn with their extended family. It's been a tough one, and things can only get better, right?! Well, we hope so. 

So this has ended up a bit more of a blog post than I'd planned. But I hope my old buddies from the forum are still going strong, milling happily (no matter what colour mill you run!) and safe and sound. I'll get Polly and Maurice to sign up so they can learn a bit more about milling from you all  ;D 

Catch you in another two years! Haha, just kidding, it'll be much sooner than that.

Take care,

Good to hear from you. Glad things are going well. How is that little one doing? Probably not so little anymore?


--- Quote from: moosehunter on November 04, 2020, 06:39:50 PM ---Good to hear from you. Glad things are going well. How is that little one doing? Probably not so little anymore?
--- End quote ---
Hah, you are so right! He's nearly eight years old now and is full on! There isn't a puddle of mud that doesn't get jumped in around here. He's pretty fond of the mills too, or actually... the sawdust  :D


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