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So it has come to my attention that Google search works by factoring in all kinds of things.   One factor is your Google reviews.  Who knew?
So we need your help as Bluecreeper needs some Google reviews.
Now I am not a tech person.  I don't use social media and I don't use my phone for anything other than calls and texting.  So maybe someone else knows how to make a Google review from your phone but I only know how to access it from the computer.

Go to Google.  Search Bluecreeper.  On the right sidebar will come up some info about Bluecreeper.  Under the tabs for website, directions and save, click on the reviews and there will be a button to write a review.

For your help, I will give you 25% off your Bluecreeper order.  You'll have to let me know you made a review and your name ( so I can identify you with your FF name) then I can send you the code through a message.

You can use the code  to order Bluecreeper on or
The code will expire the end of this month.

Thanks for your help.

The "Customer Feedback Form" under "Testimonials" is a "404: Not Found".

@Jeff may need to look at it.

Great to see, upon searching, see that SMO bluecreeper is making its way into the sewing machine business. 
Was one of my discoveries on a cure for a screech in my wife's long-arm quilting machine, along with getting an antique gun collector discovering the great qualities of bluecreeper when restoring old guns from a huge gun collection that sat for 20 years in Chicago. Many of those guns had sat so long that the moving parts just would not budge. Suggested giving bluecreeper a try, and voila.. off and running getting many parts moving again. Added considerable value to this gun collection for the widow. 


--- Quote from: Magicman on February 07, 2022, 05:56:40 PM ---The "Customer Feedback Form" under "Testimonials" is a "404: Not Found".

@Jeff may need to look at it.

--- End quote ---
the review is not on my website it is on Google.  So you have to search Bluecreeper but not go to the website.  It is the craziest thing.  I'll try to get a screen shot and post a pic.




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