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Old Greenhorn:
It occurred to me today that the Forestry section had a "Watcha cutting?" thread and the sawmill section has a "Watcha' sawing?" thread but over hear there is no "Watcha making?" thread. 
 I figured a thread for those 1 or 2 day projects that are not needing of an extended thread for all to follow the project's progress. Something for those shorter one-off builds. Shop gizmos, quick customer's requests or stock items. Maybe it won't go anywhere or maybe it will. It just seemed equitable to have something for the builders and makers in this forum.
 As it happens, I really don't have anything to kick this off. But I did finally finish off a mushroom log drilling bench that has been hanging around in parts for over a month.


 And I also put the 7th coat of poly on a bench that will be delivered and installed Monday morning.


 The pint is that this thread might be a good place for small projects we often assume are not worth noting. I know a lot of us do these everyday. Jigs, tools fixtures, shop furniture builds, etc. As well as the "my neighbor needed this, so I made one" type things.
 Lets see if it takes off.

firefighter ontheside:
Well, aside from the table I have a thread for, I am almost done building a chicken wire cage around my peach tree.  It is 8x8x8 made with some 1x2 white oak and 4' wide chicken wire.  The dang tree rats ate every last one of my peaches last year, so I am hoping this will stop them.

Old Greenhorn:
Last year (maybe the year before?) my son gave us an apple tree. I put up a 4' tall wire fence around it and the deer got in the yard and picked it clean. Poor thing was decimated. This spring I noticed it was leafing out pretty nice and had apparently recovered, so I extended the height of the fence to 7' or so. This tree is really looking nice now and gives me great pleasure as long as the deer stay off it. Fruit? I figure if we are lucky, maybe in 5 more years. Hope I live that long. :D



 Started putting battens on sawmill shed and built a sawbuck for hardwood slabs.

firefighter ontheside:
Yeah, it takes a while for the apple trees to start producing.  The trees that I planted in our back yard about 5 years ago had some flowers on them for the first time this spring.  I hope to get a few apples.  Deer in our yard doesn't seem to be an issue, plus the the flowers were up about 7 or 8 feet in the trees.


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