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Heading to Lower Michigan - any must-see suggestions?

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Hello all-

We'll be in the Petosky, MI, area for a week, 6/25 to 7/1, & wondered if there might be any local Michiganders that might suggest any good things to see & do in the area. Looking forward to seeing what the bigger Great Lakes have to offer - we live a [long] stone's throw from Lake Erie.  We don't have too many firm plans, mostly just relax & decompress. Michigan seemed like a good place for that...

Thanks in advance-
Lois & Randy Nelson

Mackinac island is one spot you could go to. You have to book a ferry ride there and you will want to spend a whole day. They run the ferry's from either Mackinac city (South or lower peninsula) or St. Ignace ( upper peninsula). there are no motor vehicles allowed (except for emergency) and all travel is by horse and carriage or bicycle. There are many sites to see around the island and you can rent a carriage or bicycle to do that. Don't leave without buying some of the World Famous fudge!  I also believe there is either a steam or water driven sawmill around the Mackinac City area. The whole coastline along the Petoskey area is nice as well.
There is also the Soo locks in Sault Ste. Marie in the upper peninsula and Tahquamenon Falls if you don't mind a drive. If you like the little shops, there is Charlevoix to your south, Traverse city and the peninsulas (Old Mission) north of there, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Leland (Fishtown). As you see, that is a beautiful part of our state and you will have very nice scenery.   

Thanks, jb.  We're looking forward to seeing some pretty country up there.  The Little Woman would really like to see the Grand Hotel on Mackinac, so I'm sure we'll scoot up there at least 1 day.  Beyond that, we'll see what the weather presents & go from there.  And we've gotta find some good pasties!  Just one question - gravy, or is that like ketchup on a Wrigley Field hot dog?  Don't want to offend while we're there.... :^)    (Food content...)

Thanks again-

Lois & Randy

Gravy!!!  There is a very good pastie cafe there in Mackinaw City that serves both beef and chicken pasties.  The Mackinaw Mill is just a couple of miles down Hwy 23.

@hidn45 , ironically they offer gravy with the pasties (my choice) but true Yoopers eat with ketchup. Either way is fine depending on your tastes because you will be eyed as a troll (someone who lives below the bridge) anyway  :D


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