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Rarotonga 2022 - LIL's POV


Disclaimer: Pic intensive post

After 3 tries and 2 years we finally made it.  You'll see why we love the place and keep returning. 

I notice Mr A hasn't posted many photos of himself, so I'll take care of that :)  

As he posted in his thread "OK, I passed my level 1 tropical island survival test. I can get water from a coconut. It actually takes some effort. It's a lot simpler to give a local $3 and get one with a drinking straw already inserted."  Before he could get the water from the coconut, it took a bit of work first - note the machete.  It came as a standard kitchen implement with the house :D 


Come for a walk he said, it'll be fun he said!  Yeah right, it was about this time I decided I had reached my limit.  The bonus is we made it back to the car with bodies and marriage still intact  :D  

Wouldn't be a real thread if there wasn't at least one post related to food  ::)


The kids wanted another coconut, pretty sure the neighbours didn't mind.  It helps when the tree is just the right height  :laugh:

A great family experience - note Taylor sitting next to Ian

The track 


Bonus points if you can find Taylor  ???


The aftermath  :-X A mud monster or Taylor?


Lara didn't get off lightly either 


Rarotonga provides the perfect backdrop for some beautiful family snapshots 

Ian, Lara, Taylor




Ian and I had our wedding photos taken here 9 years ago


and - he's lucky I didn't push him in LOL


Ian and I relaxing together 



Looks like a great trip and the photos you guys have shared make me think I may want to head back to the tropics soon.

DO IT!! :D I'm already mentally planning our next trip back  :P ???



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