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Sawing salvaged sailboat keel in Southern California

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I'm a hoppyist woodworker and have been offered a few very large sections of a wooden sailboat's keel that was salvaged after being sunk.  The owners think it might be purpleheart and I planed down a piece and found that it is very beautiful hardwood but not sure what type.

My question is how would I be able to find someone to help me retrieve this wood and saw it into lumber?  It doesn't seem like there are that many local sawmills (portable or otherwise) that could tackle this.

Also, since I don't know much about this, is it harder to saw old wood (it's very dry and very hard) than freshly-felled wood?

I hate to see it go to the landfill, which is what will happen if I don't rescue it.  I'm not sure how much this would yield, but certainly enough to make 5 or 6 very large dining room tables.

I'm in Los Angeles if anyone has anybody to recommend.   My name is Blake, and you can call me at 323-791-8971. This is a photo of one of the pieces:


Old Greenhorn:
It's hard to help you out without specifics. What are the dimensions of these keel sections? WxHxL would be helpful. Except for length, I can't tell from your photo that anything would be tough to fit on most mills. But, if there is metal in there, pins, nails, bolts. well that could be a big show stopper. I am on the right coast, so no help in any event, but anybody that might be able to help you out there would need details. How have you tried to find a mill?

Thats pretty interesting especially if its purple heart. Can you get some more pictures?  Maybe put a known object wirh it for scale?  Some exposed fresh wood?  Can you transport it?

Member @Tule Peak Timber is southeast of LA and would probably be interested. (If he hasnt already headed up to his place on Kodiak Island lol).

Very cool piece!

Edit: @tule peak timber , aka WOC 

Ron Scott:
White Oak keel? Do you have any age or history of the sailboat?

tule peak timber:
I reached out, so we shall see. ;D In the past I've done some DF parts for boats, but a lot depends on where the boat was built.


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