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Today, I am making a point to rest. For the last 3 weeks I have been going at building a tractor shed. Election day, I got up and went to the woods, to cut a log out of a downed tree, found a way to get the 12ft log to the mill to cut my end wall purlins.

I then put a scope on and sighted in Wildflower's .30-06 so I had something that can shoot over 100 yrds efficiently.

Apparently the shooting was a trigger for Sawyer's seizure disorder. He had 7 before morning, and we couldn't control them. Tammy left for the vet at 5am and was home and there by 9.  I spent the day sick. I'm guessing stress. I then got stupid. I'm not one to sit around, it just aint in me. So I forced myself outside to work.  I picked up the chainsaw, and warmed it up. No chaps. Then, without thinking, let it come to rest on my thigh.

Thank goodness I had a bottle of nasal spray in my pocket.  Yea, today I rest at the cabin and Tammy and the dogs will rest at the Troll home today too. No saws.


I've did that one before too, Jeff. Cut the same spot on my pants. You'd think a guy would be more careful with a spinning chain in the vicinity😬

I often catch a cold or something when I'm going full tilt. The body needs the rest and relief from stress to repair itself. We should have a gauge on us like the new cordless tool batteries🤷‍♂️

So, now I am contemplating the best place for such a button!

Isn't Musk trying to do something like that? 

Walnut Beast:
Glad you didnt get nailed! Thats easy to do especially when you lift your leg up and over a log with the saw held up resting against you. Because your leg gets parallel under the saw.  I got lucky like that! It just caught the sweatpants. It sure makes you think how lucky you were!!!


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