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Covid test frustration

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Old saw fixer:
     Yesterday I had a runny nose, sneezing and feeling cold in a 68 house.  This morning my rice checks tasted different, more like a bitter taste.  I thought it wise to check my covid status.
     I asked Connie where our covid tests were and she brought me one.
First, the box flap was sealed with one of those circular seals a thumbnail wont cut.  I get it opened and look for some instructions. WHAT!  No instructions, only three pictograms not clearly related to the job at hand (for me, any way).  There was also one of those square boxes with squiggles in it for millennials to figure out.  I'll tell you right now, this kind of information is beyond my ken and I have no desire to learn how to interpret it.  Now my kids have been out of the house for years with kids of their own.  The wife called the youngest one, she had no idea how to do the test.  The older one got put on speakerphone and talked me through the procedure. 
     Something as important as a covid test should have clearly written instructions provided.  When I went to school I was taught phonics, spelling and mathematics.  Reading independently was encouraged and the phonics I learned helped me to figure out unfamiliar words. Now in this modern world I am lost!  I have a smartphone but use it for a camera and messenging family and friends, the screen is small and my big hands have trouble with the keyboard.  However I can still install the inlet needle and spring in a small cube carburetor easily.
     The test turned out negative.     smiley_smug01

So did you check to see if a mouse pooped in the cereal box instead?  :D

When I picked ours up I asked the young lady at the pharmacy if they had good instructions and she proceeded to tell me how to do it, when it came to putting 3 drops on the test thingy she said "just like a pregnancy test", I smiled and said I hadn't done any of those either :D. Actually the included instructions weren't too bad. 

Probably used pictograms or otherwise the language would have been Chinese or written in broken English. :D

B.C.C. Lapp:
Sorry your under the weather Old saw fixer.   But you could well still have covid. Those test's are totally unreliable.  They get it right less than half the time.    I'd still take care not to be infecting folks and watch yourself close.   If you start having breathing issues see the doc quick.


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