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firefighter ontheside:
I had my yearly eye exam today.  It's been about 3 years since my last one, so I guess its not really yearly.  My distance vision and close up have changed a little each but not enough to worry about according to the doctor.  I had Lasik about 13 years ago and I still have excellent distance vision.  Before the Lasik I had excellent close up vision, but they told me I would be trading one for the other.  I was happy to see distance and eventually need to wear reading glasses.  He told me to start wearing 2.25 reading glasses instead of the 1.75 I've been wearing.  My distance is still excellent and I haven't noticed a difference.  When it gets bad enough I will go back for a Lasik tune up.  He said right now the risk of messing it up is higher than the reward would be for getting it done.  He also talked to me about some drops that make you be able to see close up for about 6-8 hours.  It's a medication that was originally for glaucoma patients, but they found out about this secondary effect.  I brought home a sample bottle and will try it.  My thought is that if it works, I will use it for situations where wearing my readers is really inconvenient, like training when reading glasses get in the way.  I dont need to be able to read a book during training, but reading a tape measure or the manual for building shoring systems at a building collapse would be nice.  A month supply is $80 for someone using it every day.  I figure that much would last me 6 months.  It will be interesting to see how it works.  It's called vuity.  You may have seen it on commercials or maybe you've tried it.

Don P:
Thanks, made me find da glasses, I've got an annual DOT medical cause of them coming up next week. My partner, who I read the fine print unaided for, gets to go every 5, his distance is better than mine. I do wear readers for fine work or late. My distance is just bad enough to fail the DMV test but I'd rather have the peripheral of not wearing them. In grade school I was always the eagle eye on the charts, fun, sun and time.

firefighter ontheside:
To be clear, the drops only work to improve close up vision and not for distance.  

Since we are on the subject I had my annual check last month. Sometime in the next few years I will need cataract surgery. Mentioned to the Dr the only problem is seeing iron sights at the gun range. Readers for the fine print of grocery store labels. He was kind enough to write me a prescription. So now I need to order a pair of progressive safety glasses. Who is good at that?

I strongly suggest seeing an optometrist for corrective eyewear, he/she can measure yer coconut and get the proper fit. You will soon hate them if you don't.


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